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While tens of millions of investors, business owners, and self-employed professionals will be losing their nest eggs, going out of business, and struggling financially for years to come...… those who possess one of the limited copies of this scientifically-proven and highly sought-after financial research guide will be able to GROW their retirement funds, EXPAND their businesses, and PROSPER like never before…...


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Hey there, it'’s Harry Dent.

Harry Dent

As I just mentioned in the video above, a lot of people are looking for answers when it comes to where to invest their money, or what kind of business they should start.

Especially now that we're seeing the financial markets take some violent twists and turns that have us teetering on the edge of massive collapse.

You may even be one of those looking for answers.

Unfortunately, because many of the so-called experts on investing and business that you see on the television, hear on the radio, or read on the Internet or in other books and publications spew out conflicting advice…...

It'’s clear that many people are left shaking their heads, not knowing who to believe...… and more importantly, who they can trust when it comes to financial information.

I wanted to put an end to all this needless confusion, so I compiled my best research and created a new resource that some people are already calling “the "one financial guide that everyone needs."”

And quite frankly –- given today'’s turbulent market conditions and my predictions for the next 20+ years –- it truly is a must-have resource for every serious investor, business owner, and self-employed professional.

Now if you’'re familiar with any of my work, then you already know that those who’'ve read my books and followed my research for over the past 20 years have been able to make a considerable fortune for themselves, and preserve their hard-earned wealth.

People just like…...

Michael Robertson of Robertson and Associates who'’s said:

"“Harry Dent has been our chief strategist for over 15 years.
His advice and leadership has added many millions
to our bottom line.”"

Or Virginia M. from Naples, Florida, who credits my research with prompting her to sell her home in 2005 just before the real estate market collapsed...… and also took my advice to get out of the stock market in 2008 before investors lost up to half their wealth.

And while I have a whole file folder and an online computer file just filled with great testimonials from wonderful people across the globe, here'’s what’'s really interesting…...

You see, each time I made a prediction, or forecasted an upcoming trend over the past 20+ years...… it was usually the complete opposite of what all those so-called financial experts were saying!

For example:

In 1989, I wrote The Great Depression Ahead, which was the only investment book that predicted the Japanese market crash and that country’'s multi-decade depression that would follow.

Then, just three years later in 1992, when everybody and their brother was all “"doom and gloom"” about the markets -– I wrote The Next Great Bubble Boom which accurately forecasted America’s biggest 16-year bull run, pinpointed the peak between 2003-2007, and warned that in 2008 it would all come to an end.

In 1998 when I wrote The Roaring 2000s Investor, I saw the Internet Bubble was about to burst. However, I also predicted many other opportunities for a bull market in other sectors that would last until 2008. As you may remember, 2008 was a big turning point for business owners, investors, and soon-to-be retirees… and for those who didn’'t have access to my research or act on my warnings -– it wasn’'t a turn for the better.

And in my recent book, The Demographic Cliff, I stood alone in predicting that our current financial bubble that overinflated the Dow up over 18,000, was set to burst by 2015, sending stocks plummeting, interest rates soaring and real estate, gold and oil crashing. And as it's plain to see now, we're most certainly seeing a historic financial crisis beginning in America.

Now it’s important to know that I made these predictions NOT because I’'m an eternal contrarian, or that I just like to go against the grain to get publicity.

In fact, the sole reason I have made such unpopular or seemingly far-fetched predictions over the past 20 years that have ultimately come true is because I was merely following my extensive research to its logical and most probable conclusion.

And I did it by tracking just one key indicator, which I'’ll tell you about in a moment.

But before I do, let me preface it with this…...

Over the years, you may have heard the saying, “"If you want to make money, look at what everybody else is doing...… and then do the opposite!”"

Well I'’m here to tell you -– it'’s absolutely true.

It’'s Going To Get A Lot Worse…...
But It WILL Get Better (If You’re Prepared)

As you'’re well aware, we'’re going through some very turbulent financial times right now, and I predict it will get much worse.

In fact, I released a book in September 2012 called The Great Crash Ahead where I used the one key indicator of my research to explain:

  • How the Baby Boomers change in saving habits will create an insurmountable drain on country’'s retirement the and healthcare benefit funds

  • Why the US debts can never be paid and must be written off – - which will actually cause deflation after a temporary bout of inflation

  • How the Commodities Bubble will pop –- crushing the economies of emerging countries in Asia, Latin America, the middle East, and Africa...… all which rely on exporting to China –- and as a result, will negatively impact the US

  • Why unemployment could soar over the next few years, and why home values could still plummet by another 30% or more –- which could financially cripple many homeowners and real estate investors

While my publisher and I have received rave reviews for that best-selling book -– we started to notice a theme in the questions and comments from readers.

And that theme was that while the readers loved my “"Big Picture" analysis from my research and my general predictions of what will happen during the great financial crash ahead…... what they really, truly wanted were specific recommendations about:

1) What kind of full-time (or even part-time) businesses to start that will have products that are in demand…...

2) And what kinds of services to provide as self-employed professionals that will allow them to have a comfortable lifestyle…...

3) What types of companies and industries to invest in for maximum growth with minimum risk…...

So that, coupled with the fact that I wanted to put an end to all the confusion caused by all the so-called financial experts spouting their untested theories, prompted me to finish the be-all, end-all financial guide for the next 20+ years.

You see, it’s the next 20 years and beyond that have a lot of people concerned...… especially those between the ages of 40 and 65 because they’'re either planning for retirement, or they'’re already entering their retirement years.

If you happen to fall within that age group, you may be one of those concerned individuals.

"“It’'s the next 20 years and beyond that have a lot of people concerned…... especially those between the ages of 40 and 65 because they'’re either planning for retirement, or they'’re already entering their retirement years.”"

- Harry S. Dent Jr.

Consequently, it just so happened that many people’s concerns were coming at a time when I was close to completing this financial guide.

You see, my staff and I have spent literally the past 10 years compiling all of the raw data using my one key indicator…...

Breaking down over 200 different businesses and industries…...

And then meticulously filtering that data into useable and easy-to understand charts, graphs, and summaries to create this new financial guide.

We’'ve titled it –- Spending Waves: The Scientific Key To Predicting Market Behavior for the Next 20 Years.

It has been one of my greatest undertakings of my career…... and those who use this research over the next several years could make a substantial fortune, while others will be left behind losing their shirts as this historic financial meltdown takes hold.

Never again will you have to spend countless hours reading investment books or journals…... watching financial networks...… or staying glued to your computer researching where to invest your money.

Never again will you have to risk your own capital...… waste your time...… or take on any unnecessary risk to start a new side business from home to supplement your income...…

Instead, all you'’ll have to do is to open up your copy of Spending Waves, quickly scroll to the section about the type of business you’'re considering investing in or the type of business you’re looking at starting...… and in just minutes, you’'ll know whether it’'s a good move or not.

Not only could it save you a lot of time and money…...

It could also give you an unfair advantage over other investors and business owners because you'’ll know when large numbers of people are projected to purchase various types of products and services over the next 20+ years.

So if you’'re a serious investor, business owner, self-employed professional, or even just someone who likes to keep their finger on the pulse of the financial markets and be prepared for whatever Life throws your way...… then I think you'’ll be very excited about what I created…...

Using My One Key Indicator To Develop
The Only Financial Guide You’'ll Ever Need

If you’'ve followed my work at any time over the past 20 years, you’'d know that my one key indicator to determining how the financial markets will rise and fall has to do with demographics.

More specifically, how and when certain segments of the population buy things.

You see, no major economic trend is driven by the government...… or politicians...… or stimulus plans...… or policies.

While on the other hand, most economic trends are driven by people’'s consumption patterns.

The success of most businesses…... and most industries rely on whether people are buying products from those businesses and industries...… and how much they'’re buying.

For the past 20+ years, I'’ve helped numerous people make substantial fortunes by projecting what the largest buying demographic group –- the Baby Boomers –- will purchase…... and what they'll continue to purchase as they enter retirement.

But recently, we'’ve taken our research a step further and began tracking and projecting the buying behaviors of the tens of millions of people who are in Generation X, and those in Generation Y (also known as the Echo Boomers).

With this new demographic data, we’'re able to pinpoint when these groups of people will drive the economy overall, and which industries they will be spending their money in year by year…... giving you the opportunity to see into the future –- as if you were looking into a crystal ball.

Powerful Financial Information
You Can’'t Get Anywhere Else…...

As I mentioned earlier, if you’'re a serious investor, business owner, self-employed professional, or even just someone who likes to keep their finger on the pulse of the financial markets -– you'’ll want to keep a copy of this research readily available.

In this information-packed guide, you'’ll discover:

  • Complete demographic buying research for Baby Boomers, Generation X, and the Echo Boomers that will allow you to know when to invest in specific types of businesses and industries...… and more importantly...… when to get out for maximum gains.

  • The Six Crucial Steps you must take if you own a business (even if it is a small one-person business you run from home) during the coming period of deflation.

  • Exactly why '‘demographics’' is the one key indicator that drives all bull and bear markets, and how understanding them could make you a fortune over the next 20 years.

  • Why you should downsize your home right now instead of waiting another 2-5 years (Ignore this at your own peril).

  • For current or future real estate investors -– a way to actually eliminate capital gains taxes using a special real estate investment "“loophole"” that most people don'’t even know about

  • The Baby Boomers impact on the healthcare industry...… and how you could consistently profit from this aging population for years to come (Hint: It’'s NOT just from pharmaceutical and medical companies...… but over a dozen different industries you may have never even thought about!).

  • Why the mantra for successful real estate investing is still “"location, location, location”" but if you overlook this new key factor -– your appreciating cash-producing properties (or even your own home) could turn into debt-ridden nightmares.

  • How to capitalize on the next “"Baby-Boom"” and ride this profit wave for the following 30 years (Their buying patterns will be just like those of the Baby Boomers).

  • What type of property you should ABSOLUTELY NOT buy as an investment...… no matter how much extra cash you have available!

  • And much, much more…...

Get This Indispensable Guide Today
For Just $149
(While Copies Are Still Available)

I'’d like to send you a limited-edition copy of Spending Waves so you can see for yourself how powerful this research is...… and how it can be your indispensable go-to reference for your investment or business decisions.

And I think you'’ll quickly see this as the only financial guide you'’ll ever need.

In fact, recently, I spoke with a college student majoring in business and he told me that his business and economics books cost him over $500 for just one semester. And those are books he'’ll probably never refer to, or use ever again!

When working with my publisher, we wanted to make my extensive research much more affordable.

And while some individuals have paid up to $25,000 for personal consulting time with me, or spent up to $2,000 or more to attend my workshops…... you'll be able to get all of my best and most up-to-date financial research for just $149 (plus shipping).

That’'s less than the cost for just a single college text book these days.

But it gets better…...

Just to make sure my research is right for you –- I’'d like you to try it out 100% RISK-FREE for 60 days…...

So keep this guide for 60 days –- read it, explore it from cover to cover over the next two months. This is plenty of time to check out the dozens of investing and business secrets contained inside.

And…...if, for any reason… or even no reason at all you’re not 100% satisfied, then just send the guide back...… and I'’ll send you a full and fast refund.

However, it'’s important to know that because this is a small and limited print run...… once all the copies are sold out, they’re gone.

So I encourage you to grab your copy today and look it over for the next 60 days. It could be one of the best investment decisions you ever make.

Simply click on the “"Add To Cart"” link below to reserve your copy today, and you'’ll soon receive the only financial guide you'’ll ever need…...

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Harry S. Dent Jr.
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