New research reveals how an overlooked and underused investment has quietly become…

The #1 Income Secret of 2018!

Hard-working everyday folks just like YOU are using this little known cash generator to boost their income safely and steadily with an average of 15 “extra paychecks” every month next year!

They don’t involve bonds, annuities or even dividend stocks… and if you learn the details now, you could start to see checks as early as tomorrow!


Dear Reader,

How would you like to receive a check…made directly out to you…for as much as $239…in the next 10 days or less?

And how would you like to KEEP receiving those checks…an average of 15 per month…all the way throughout 2018 and perhaps even beyond?

Well that’s entirely possible when you follow what I call the “Automatic Income Calendar.”

Take a look and you’ll see what I mean…

I first introduced the calendar in early 2017 to help people looking to boost their income safely and steadily for years to come.

Just by following my simple instructions, more than 5,340 people have had the opportunity to collect a grand total of 119 checks.

And get this – the grand total that the source of these checks...

$17.6 billion. Yes… that’s BILLION with a B!

You see those dollar signs on the calendar? Each one represents a potential “automatic check” you could have already received.

And depending on how you played it, each check could’ve been worth $239 apiece.

Perhaps even more!

With all the expected payouts that means you could’ve pocketed an extra $3,585 each month!

Now I’m sure you’re wondering – how is that even possible???

Well, it’s all thanks to a powerhouse income generating investment that when originally created in 1929 was almost solely reserved for the ultra-wealthy.

But today you no longer need to be a multimillionaire to use this incredibly effective money-making strategy for yourself.

My “Automatic Income Calendar” can help you tap into this steady stream of extra paychecks each month and join the growing number of everyday people using this secret.

People like…

Perhaps you’re tired of tossing and turning at night, nervous that you’re not saving enough to last you as long as you need?

Or maybe you’re just sick of your dollar not going as far as it used to.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra cash that allows you to breathe easier now… and in the future?

It’s all possible once you tap into this unique opportunity I’m going to share with you today.

And the timing couldn’t be any better.

Right now, treasury and CD rates are useless to you at a limp 1.3% and 1.4%...

Even with the current record-setting bull market, the S&P 500 is yielding a miserable 1.9%...

And even the cherished Dividend Aristocrats – the companies that have raised their payouts 20 years in a row – are throwing a measly 2.1% to their shareholders.

If you had a million-dollar nest egg, this would only pay you $1,750 a month. That’s like working a full-time retail job for $11 bucks an hour!

And that’s why the news I’m announcing today could be absolutely life-changing.

Introducing… The “2018 Automatic Income Calendar”!

A total of 182 “automatic checks” are slotted to be sent out in the next year.

That’s 52 more than the maximum number you could’ve collected in 2017!

Depending on your stake, each of these checks could be worth $239… or perhaps even more.

In fact, if you were to collect all of them, that’d be like giving yourself a full year’s salary of $43,498.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re working full-time and getting paid every two weeks...

Retired and collecting the average annual Social Security income of $16,092…

Or the typical pension payout of $16,814 a year.

You can collect all these “automatic checks” … as many as 182 of them throughout the next year… ON TOP of all of that!

Take a look at what’s in store as soon as the clock strikes midnight to ring in 2018:

Starting on January 3rd, you could have the chance to collect 14 checks in the first month alone.

Check #1 January 3rd, 2018
Check #2 January 11th, 2018
Check #3 January 11th, 2018
Check #4 January 11th, 2018
Check #5 January 11th, 2018
Check #6 January 11th, 2018
Check #7 January 11th, 2018
Check #8 January 11th, 2018
Check #9 January 12th, 2018
Check #10 January 17th, 2018
Check #11 January 17th, 2018
Check #12 January 17th, 2018
Check #13 January 17th, 2018
Check #14 January 18th, 2018

So while most people are cutting back after all the holiday spending, you could rent a private cabin in Aspen and enjoy some nice views of the snowcapped Rockies by a roaring fire.

Heck, fly to the Swiss Alps if you want…

Because this is all extra money going straight into your pocket!

Then when you return and February rolls around…

You can collect up to 11 more “automatic checks”!

The 13th is going to be your lucky day with seven potential checks being deposited into your account that day alone!

Then March will come in like a lion, kicking things off with an automatic check on the 1st.

And you won’t see a lamb in sight, because the checks will keep hitting your bank account throughout the month:

With a whopping 11 checks on the 13th…

Two more on the 21st…

And one more on the 22nd to close out the month.

Now of course these checks aren’t set in stone – but even a fraction of what I’ve shown you is enough to change your life. Not to mention that this is just a three-month sample of what’s in store for 2018.

Those who took advantage of the ENTIRE calendar last year put themselves in a great position to make some extra income.

  1. James Freeman banked $89,385 in checks in one year.
  2. Bruce Conrad received $31,533 in automatic checks in just one quarter.
  3. Arnold Killington collected $52,058 in a single year.
  4. Rochelle Dean made $62,849.
  5. And Mitchell Alexis padded his coffers with $197,234!

Now those are extraordinary examples for sure. And not everyone can pull in that kind of money using the Automatic Income Calendar.

But depending on your stake…

You could easily pad your income by a few hundred… or even a few thousand dollars each month!

Charles Sizemore

By the way, my name is Charles Sizemore.

If my name sounds familiar, you’ve probably seen my byline in Boom & Bust or in Dent Research’s daily Economy & Markets e-letter.

Or maybe you’ve caught one of my appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg TV or Fox Business News… or you might have even read an article I wrote for Forbes or Marketwatch.

But beyond my research, there’s a lot about me you probably don’t know.

I grew up in a working class suburb of Dallas. It was the kind of town where we’d play baseball in the streets and ride our bikes around until our parents came chasing us down for dinner.

My mom was an elementary school teacher and my dad was a dentist. Neither of them were what you’d call “financial people”.

And I was a bookworm, way more interested in checking out an armful of new stories from the library than anything to do with the numbers.

But my grandfather… he was the one who set me on the path to where I am today.

One day I walked past his room and saw him sitting on his bed with a legal pad furiously taking notes as he watched stock ticker symbols and prices scroll across the bottom of the screen on CNN.

He would do this every night after dinner. Recording that day’s prices so he’d know what he wanted to buy the next day.

It may as well have been Egyptian hieroglyphics to me. But this was before 24/7 financial news channels or the internet… and it was the only way he knew how to invest.

He wasn’t a stockbroker or a banker… just an amateur investor looking to add to the income he worked so hard to earn.

He had a small used car business for a while and then sold that and opened an auto parts and supply store for a while—a small town entrepreneur looking to get ahead.

And he taught me the value of two critically important things:

  1. Never stop searching for ways to add to your income. My grandfather was a workaholic. The kind of guy who would play in jazz bands at night for some extra cash after working all day. And those hours he spent writing down stocks on that legal pad? He ended up funding his retirement with those investments. And…
  2. Never LOSE money you already have. That’s actually advice Warren Buffett gives too, but my grandfather taught me that when you work hard for what you have, the first thing to remember is to protect that… then find ways to GROW it. And that’s what “Private Income Funds” are so great for.

I never forget those lessons when I’m searching for new income and profit opportunities today.

And anytime I’m ready to pull the trigger on one, I always ask that question: “What if I'm wrong?”

That’s what my grandfather would think... What are the consequences to my portfolio if I'm wrong?

He couldn’t afford to be. And I know you can’t either.

That’s why safety and long-term vision are always at the forefront of my mind.

Harry Dent, Jr.

Seven years ago, Harry Dent handpicked me to be the go-to “retirement expert” for his research firm.

Harry felt my experience managing $30 million in 401(k) assets, along with my master’s degree from the London School of Economics, made me a perfect fit to help guide his readers. Especially, those looking for consistent, safe returns on their money…in any market conditions.

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of concerns from my readers:

  1. Is the market headed further up? Or have we peaked?
  2. Can you really live off dividend income?
  3. I only have a small amount to invest, where can I get the most bang for my buck?

From what I’ve read, a lot of folks are facing tremendous challenges. I’ve found the picture often isn’t pretty…

Some people “solve the problem” of stretching out their nest egg with “high-yield, low-quality” junk bonds that never deliver what they promise.

Others overinvest in overpriced dividend stocks and risk losing huge chunks of their savings should the market crash... like so many did back in 2008.

And many more cross their fingers and pray that the trickle of income from savings accounts, CDs, or mutual funds will be enough.

Who could live on .2%...1.2%...or even 2% these “safe assets” are paying?

Listening to these stories of quiet desperation, I knew that there had to be a solution.

That’s why I started searching for big yields where no one else is looking. And it’s how I uncovered…

The potential $17.6 billion jackpot that nobody is talking about…

See, all the checks on my Automatic Income Calendar come from what I call “Private Income Funds.”

The super-rich, including John D. Rockefeller, Lord Jacob Rothschild IV, and, most recently, Bill Gates have used them for decades to grow their wealth and create constant, abundant income.

In 2017 alone, Private Income Funds could pay out as much as a whopping $17.6 billion to their investors.

And by following my 2018 Automatic Income Calendar, you can tap into this secret to grab your share of this growing payout.

Now, when most people think of investments used by the wealthy…they think of hedge funds, family offices, or offshore bank accounts.

Private Income Funds aren’t any of those.

In fact, let me clear up a few things right off the bat...

“Private Income Funds” are NOT…

  1. Corporate bonds yielding rock-bottom rates of 1% or 2%…
  2. Junk bonds offering sky-high risk…
  3. Expensive Treasurys that give you safety and not much else…
  4. A life insurance policy that’s neither insurance nor investment…
  5. And NOT an annuity that forces you to give up control over your money for decades before you can access it.

They’re a much SAFER, much more ACCESSIBLE and potentially more LUCRATIVE way to create a steady income stream that automatically flows directly into your account, month... after month... after month…

Without a single ounce of extra work on your part: No second job to take on… no side business to start… no property to rent out and manage…

To put it simply, a “Private Income Fund” is a fund that can be filled with many kinds of income-producing investments — municipal bonds, debt, REITs, dividend stocks and more…

Now of course as with any investment there are nuances to how these “Private Income Funds” work. Like a traditional bond, they deliver a secure stream of income for as long as you own them. But the similarities stop there... Like a traditional bond, they deliver a secure stream of income for as long as you own them. But the similarities stops there.

And it gets even better because…

The income produced by these investments flows directly to you — the shareholder of the fund... Which is why you get much bigger checks from the “Private Income Funds” than if you bought the investments contained inside them directly.

This sounds backwards, but there’s a simple explanation…

“Private Income Funds” can give you much more income than you pay for.

When you invest, your money buys shares in the fund and you get a certain percentage of the income that the fund’s investments (bonds, stocks) produce.

However, “Private Income Fund” managers have the financial clout to borrow money at low rates to buy even more income-producing investments.

When they buy more, your income goes up, though you haven’t put in a penny more.

And because they give you so much more income, you’re not forced to buy high-risk investments just to get any sort of meaningful yield.

That’s why U.S. News and World Report writes that “Private Income Funds”…

And in some cases, “large” sometimes doesn’t even come close to describing how lucrative these automatic checks can be…

The scope by which you can increase your income using these “automatic checks” generated by “Private Income Funds” is truly amazing.

At a time when bonds are offering pitiful yields…

When Social Security and pensions are at grave risk…

And extreme uncertainty is playing havoc with interest rates…

“Private Income Funds” can generate up to 7 times more income than CDs, bonds, or other investments

“Private Income Funds” give you the chance at:

With Private Income Funds you could get an average of 15 payments a month going into your bank account like clockwork.

In fact, the “2018 Automatic Income Calendar” could deliver you 46 checks just in time for a summer trip!

In fact, the “2018 Automatic Income Calendar” could deliver you 46 checks just in time for a summer trip!

Take a look at what the schedule could look like this coming spring.

Starting in April…

Check #1 April 3rd, 2018
Check #2 April 11th, 2018
Check #3 April 11th, 2018
Check #4 April 11th, 2018
Check #5 April 11th, 2018
Check #6 April 11th, 2018
Check #7 April 11th, 2018
Check #8 April 11th, 2018
Check #9 April 11th, 2018
Check #10 April 11th, 2018
Check #11 April 11th, 2018
Check #12 April 12th, 2018
Check #13 April 18th, 2018
Check #14 April 18th, 2018
Check #15 April 19th, 2018

Then 10 potential checks on April 11th! That’ll go a long way towards taking the sting out of tax day, right?

Then, the following month, May 1st will kick off the first expected automatic check with 15 more to follow…

That’s 16 checks in one month!

And they just keep on coming in June…

Nine checks on the 13th alone!

And three more before you even get the chance to turn the page on the calendar!

You’ll have 15 checks just in time for a summer vacation!

They could each be worth $239 depending on your stake. The more of them you bank, the more you make.

Now, don’t underestimate the difference smaller automatic checks can make on your life.

For instance, what if you had a few extra hundred bucks a month like…

That’s good enough to cover your monthly cable, internet, and some groceries. You could even afford a nice dinner for two at the best restaurant in town once or twice a month.

Or you could just stash it away in your rainy-day fund!

I’ll show you exactly how you can lock-in each and every one of the checks expected for 2018.

But first, I want to show you how…

Anyone who used my Automatic Income Calendar in 2017 not only had the chance to collect 124 checks …

They also could have GROWN their wealth by 10%!

When you invest in a stock or a bond, it can be challenging to beat the market.

But when you get into the right “Private Income Fund,” beating the market isn’t hard at all.

That’s because these funds can generate big income while also growing in value at the very same time!

On August 26th, 2016, I recommended one “Private Income Fund.” After factoring in price appreciation and income, it handed out 17.91% gains since then!

And another Private Income I pointed out on November 17th, 2016, delivered 19% profits.

And these aren’t even the biggest winners that folks owned stakes in...

I recommended a “Private Income Fund” on November 17th, 2016....

And it shot up over 22% since then!

In total, the 16 “Private Income Funds” I showed to everyday people in 2017 delivered a 10% average gain.

So imagine collecting your automatic checks, and growing your wealth at the same time.

And if the market ever takes a turn for the worse, “Private Income Funds” could be your key to prosperity.

Safety is a top priority to me.

My grandfather instilled that in me when he taught me to NEVER lose money I already had.

That’s why it’s so important to me that “Private Income Funds” have an impressive track record of paying people AND growing their wealth—in any market condition.

Yes, I’m not just talking about times when everybody is riding a bull market to record highs.

They’ve weathered the storm in the pits of recessions as well.

For example, in the subprime crisis of 2007 to 2009, Bearn Stearns went belly up...

Lehman Brothers collapsed...

And anyone who was invested in the S&P 500 saw their wealth evaporate by 38.5%.

Even GM bondholders who thought they were safe got back just 64 cents for every dollar they invested.

But one “Private Income Fund” clobbered the market during the worst economy since the Great Depression.

In fact, it actually handed investors a 19% profit!

In other words, had you put $10,000 into the broad market, you would’ve lost $3,850.

Had you put the same $10,000 into this fund, you’d have made $1,900.

Here’s another example from the Dot-com crash in the early 2000s…

During that downturn the S&P 500 took a -23% plunge.

But one “Private Income Fund” would have made you 6% profits instead.


So you could’ve been blindsided like the investors holding Lucent Technologies, Excite, or

Or you could’ve taken control of your portfolio to grow your money with a Private Income Fund.

Just one more example because I’m sure you’re getting the idea…

The savings and loan crisis of the early ‘90s drained the investment accounts of millions of Americans by 20%.

But if you had stakes in the right “Private Income Fund”...

You would’ve GROWN yours by 8%.

And the Private Income Funds that I’ve recommended since starting this service in 2016 delivered their checks without interruption over 99% of the time.

The ONE they missed was because the fund rolled everything into a quarterly payment.

So, while some people were watching the news in horror as red tickers flashed across the screen signaling that their money was going up in smoke…

None of that mattered to the savvy few who used “Private Income Funds” to grow richer.

Which is why MarketWatch reports you can use them…

And the Wall Street Journal has said that they…


And looking over those huge payouts I’ve shown you, it’s easy to see why Barron’s said that Private Income Funds…

Using these funds, proactive Americans are on their way to solving the problem of never running out of money before, during, and after they retire.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a bull market...or a bear market.

“Private Income Funds” represent a chance to control your financial fate.

And just to be absolutely clear:

These are not annuities. These folks haven’t given every dime they have to some insurance company only to never be able to touch it for 30+ years.

With “Private Income Funds,” your principal is tucked away in your own investment account, where you can keep an eye on it, and where only YOU can touch it.

You have control and flexibility over your money.

Speaking of money…

47 “automatic checks” are expected for July to September...

Banking just half of them is enough to get paid once a week!

July will start off with a bang with two checks on July 3rd.

And once the dust from the fireworks has settled, you’ll get ten checks on July 12th.

Followed by four more in the coming weeks.

That’s a grand total of 16 checks in one month potentially!

August also has 16 potential pay dates.

And you could receive 15 deposits into your account in September!

That’s 47 automatic checks up for the taking between July and September.

An average of two payments every week!

So even just following my strategy “halfway” would be enough to get paid every week.

Now to be clear, while the exact dates on 2018 Automatic Income Calendar could shift a couple days in either direction, know that these checks have come steadily and without fail for several years now.

I’ve mapped out these approximate payouts using several years of historical analysis.

And these dates are based off of 2017’s check arrivals from the “Private Income Funds” that my strategy would have targeted.

How would it change your life to know cash like this was pouring into your account several times a week, each and every month?

You could splurge on a golf trip to Myrtle Beach knowing everything will be paid for by the time you get back.

You could add that new addition or deck to your home and not have to finance a single cent of it.

And instead of worrying about whether you can afford a new car, you can pick and choose the one with the best safety features…the best leather seats…the best sound system.

Because winter, spring, summer, or fall, the 182 checks up for grabs are expected to hit your account in rapid fire on the dates laid out.

Look at the checks you can expect to receive from October and November.

Your Automatic Income Calendar for October & November 2018

You’re getting 10 checks on October 12th alone!

And 10 on November 10th!

How’s that for a payday?

Now if you collected ALL the checks in October and November, you’d end up with 31 deposits in your account for these two months alone.

That’s a lot to give thanks for!

Who gets paid like this—11, 12, even 15 times or more a month—without even working for it?

In fact, you could get as many as …

18 Automatic Checks in ONE month!

The holidays are a great time to catch up with friends and family, enjoy some home-cooked meals, and exchange gifts.

But for you, it’ll also be the month where you can potentially collect 18 automatic checks…

Check #1 December 1st, 2018
Check #2 December 8th, 2018
Check #3 December 8th, 2018
Check #4 December 9th, 2018
Check #5 December 9th, 2018
Check #6 December 12th, 2018
Check #7 December 12th, 2018
Check #8 December 13th, 2018
Check #9 December 13th, 2018
Check #10 December 13th, 2018
Check #11 December 13th, 2018
Check #12 December 13th, 2018
Check #13 December 13th, 2018
Check #14 December 15th, 2018
Check #15 December 15th, 2018
Check #16 December 15th, 2018
Check #17 December 21th, 2018
Check #18 December 28th, 2018

Just think about how much MORE enjoyable and festive December will be with all these payments coming your way.

What a great way to close out the year.

That’s a grand total of 182 of these automatic payouts expected for 2018!

Now, I’ll be upfront with you. The more you put into each Private Income Fund, the bigger your automatic checks will be.

I know of an economist named Jeanie Marshall who gets four checks a month worth $3,000 each.

And that’s small potatoes compared to Bill Gates who parked $165 million into “Private Income Funds.”

We estimate he gets $5.18 million worth of checks every year.

Now naturally I don’t expect you to be funneling that kind of money into these funds.

But as you saw earlier, you don’t need to be a billionaire to make as much as $3,585 a month.

The exact size of your checks is up to you.

You decide how big your payouts will be by how much you choose to invest into any given Private Income Fund.

Whether that’s $100 or $10,000, these funds have historically sent out checks, as often as every month, as marked on the “2018 Automatic Income Calendar.”

In fact, the first one could be coming your way in the next 10 days.

And that’s not the only reason why these little-known wealth builders are so great:

You can make money instantly by buying a Private Income Fund at a DISCOUNT!

Regular bonds and stocks sell at a price that reflects their value as set by the market.

But Private Income Funds often sell for less than they’re actually worth.

Here’s why:

As I mentioned earlier, these funds are made up of income-producing bonds, stocks and other investments.

Shares of the fund fluctuate in price as they’re bought and sold on the market.

So, when the fund’s market price drops below the value of the actual investments inside it… you’re buying the fund at a discount to its actual worth!

Private Income Funds typically sell at discounts of 4% to 10% below their actual value.

This means you’re up 4% to 10% the instant you buy it!

And some discounts are as much as 20%!

Here’s the average Private Income Fund discount from 2013 to 2016.

As you can see, for over three years now, Private Income Funds have sold for UNDER their true value… sometimes by as much as 10%!

A 10% discount is like someone gives you $1 every time you gave him 90 cents.

Would you take that deal? I would, all day long!

The icing on the cake? When your fund’s market price goes back up — as buyers are drawn to the discount — you can earn back the price of the discount as profit.

This is why Private Income Funds are a great hedge against a volatile market.

When prices drop, you’re suddenly buying an asset worth more than what you’re paying. And that acts as a buffer against volatile prices.

Moreover, when you buy a Private Income Fund for less than it’s worth (e.g., paying 90 cents for an asset worth $1) the market will often bring the fund’s price up to what it’s worth.

That’s a level of security you won’t find with almost any other investment on the market.

Speaking of security. That brings me back once again to that big question I’m always concerned with when making a move like this in the market.

Is this safe?

Yes, Private Income Funds can give you much more security than other income investments... even if you’re “playing it safe” with Treasurys, CDs and bank accounts.

(Or even worse... playing it risky with junk bonds or phony high-yield stocks).

I’ve already shown you that these funds can continue working even in down markets.

And, remember, I always think of my grandfather when I’m looking at these opportunities. And I always ask myself “What if I’m wrong?”

I ALWAYS make sure there’s a significant margin of safety built into any investment I get behind.

But there ALSO needs to be a significant upside too!

Plain and simple: in today’s market, you need big income and growing wealth to secure your retirement.

Playing it TOO safe means you could be drifting backwards (without knowing it) and are vulnerable to sudden market shocks.

Private Income Funds are a safe, proactive way to secure income that will last you the rest of your life…
In fact, they give you multiple layers of safety and profitability...

In short… Private Income Funds are a profoundly easy and safe way to create a sizeable income and build your wealth at the same time. They give you…

Now of course, nothing in the market is without its drawbacks.

Like any investment, there are risks…but you can protect yourself from some of the risks by knowing which Private Income Funds are best positioned to profit.

And that’s where I come in…

I’m convinced my 16 “Private Income Fund” recommendations are the safest and highest-paying out there.

606 of them exist out there.

Some of them have good management. Others are run by amateurs.

Some of them yield just 0.77%. Others pay up to 10.77%, but put your money at risk.
You need the right combination of them to get these results.

That’s why I’ve written four briefings that reveal EXACTLY which “Private Income Fund” opportunities I recommend you take advantage of right NOW.


They’re all part of my 2018 Automatic Income Calendar strategy— 16 fully vetted recommendations that, altogether could end up sending you a check every two days on average.

That could mean $3,585 in extra income every month.

And the best part is, I’d like to send you all four of these briefings, which include the names and details of these 16 “Private Income Fund” opportunities…

Here’s a brief preview of what you’ll get in each one:

Automatic Income Briefing #1: “Private Income Funds”: Your Key to a Rich Retirement

Briefing #1 gives you your first three of my top “Private Income Fund” recommendations right now.

If you choose to invest in them, all three will cost you as little as $267, and they’re the perfect way to get started.

If you take a sizable position, you could even receive monthly checks from these funds worth $239 per check.

But unless you have my recommended “Private Income Funds” in your portfolio, you might not see the results I’ve shown you. Fortunately, they are inexpensive, and you can invest in them just as you’d invest in a stock—with just one click.

Of course, as with anything in the markets, you should never invest more than what you’re comfortable with... safety should always be your #1 priority when it comes to your money!

That’s why it’s important you read the research behind my recommendations to understand why these opportunities are worth looking at.

Beyond these three recommendations, Briefing #1 is a blueprint for implementing my Automatic Income strategy. It will guide you completely in creating a never-ending stream of abundant checks delivered straight to you.

You'll discover…

Put “Private Income Funds” to work for you and I predict you’ll never worry about running out of money…or have to compromise your lifestyle to fit within a cramped retirement budget.

“Private Income Funds”: Your Key to a Rich Retirement is the easiest way to learn how to get started…and start collecting checks as early as next month. And it’s yours FREE.

But that’s just the start. I’d also like to send you...

Automatic Income Briefing #2: Quit Working and Get a Raise Every Month

In my second briefing, I give you the next four “Private Income Fund” recommendations to add to any portfolio.

Beyond this, this briefing shows you the power of getting paid monthly and compounding that income to grow your wealth to new heights, faster than you ever imagined.

I show you how to invest in dividend stocks through buying a “Private Income Fund”, so you get the best of both worlds. I’ll also reveal how to…

Then, turn to your third FREE briefing…

Automatic Income Briefing #3: Build Your Own "Automatic Income Machine"

As with the others, this third briefing gives you more of my top Private Income Fund recommendations to invest in right now.

But here, I also take you into a world where high-yield seekers almost never venture:

The world of high-yield debt.

No one wants to be in debt, but owning shares of debt instruments can be lucrative.

That’s how banks, credit card, and lenders make all their money.

And thanks to a group of Private Income Funds you can piggyback them to collect payments for life.

I’ll show you exactly how to do it in this FREE briefing along with recommendations to get started.

Finally, there’s your fourth briefing…

Automatic Income Briefing #4: Real Estate Income with Zero Headaches

Almost every retiree — or person planning for retirement — has been told that real estate is the best way to generate steady reliable income.

It’s good advice... but do you really want to be a landlord? You’re constantly dealing with maintenance, uncooperative tenants, and acts of God that can wreck your investment.

Let’s be honest, you don’t have the time for any of those kinds of headaches!

In Briefing #4, I show you a much better way to rake in profits from real estate and skip the usual headaches of owning real property.

When you invest in real estate through a Private Income Fund you let other people deal with the hassles while you collect fat checks.

Inside this FREE report I’ll give you specific recommendations for “buying real estate” in a hassle-free way (along with real assets in the energy field).
Almost no one knows about this sneaky route into acquiring a turnkey real estate empire.

May I send you these FOUR FREE automatic income briefings now?

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