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"Your recent trade worked out exceptionally well! Got in at $1.12 on the 7th, and out on the 8th at $1.90 for a 70% gain. VERY nice!"
-Mark W.

"Thanks millions Lance for the trade this past 24 hours. Bought in at $1.12 and sold at $1.83 and had 500 contracts so profited about $3650.00 including commissions. What a thrill. Never had a trade go so fast with such great results. My wife Linda and I can't thank you enough."
-Dave N.

"I guess the most appropriate thing to say is simply thank you. I banked an 82% profit on a $10,000 investment in 1 day. That sets the bar pretty high on all future trades Lance. Not sure what you have planned for an encore to that, but I am all in. Thanks again."
-Kevin H.

"Yahoo! Bought the call for 1.55 and sold at 3.05 for almost a 100% gain in a couple of days. Great call, sir."
-Stacey G.