Thousands of Americans are tripling the average retirement fund yield
thanks to an opportunity I call…

“The 1201(k)”

Start using it in as little as 7 minutes… and you can collect as
much as $1,297 (or more) in extra income every month!

“One of the most established investment tools you've probably never heard of…”

— Forbes

Dear Reader,

If you want to potentially add over a thousand dollars a month to your income…

Then take a look at the document below:

What you're seeing is Public Law 99-514, passed by Congress in 1986.

17,079 of the most established companies in America are regulated under this law.

Huge names like… J.P Morgan, BlackRock, Fidelity, Charles Schwab… and tons more.

But out of those 17,079 companies, 525 stand out.

Because they could help you TRIPLE the average retirement fund yield to collect an extra $1,297 (or more!) every month.

You see, as long as these companies meet the STRICT regulatory requirements…

They don’t have to pay federal tax.

And can instead pass on 90% of their net taxable income to people using what I call…

“The 1201(k)”

Now I’m sure you know what a 401(k) plan is.

But you’ve probably never heard of the investment I call a “1201(k)”.

There are a couple reasons for that.

First, a “1201(k)” isn’t offered by or associated with the government… it’s not a licensed and regulated retirement savings plan like 401(k).

And I’ll give you the second (more infuriating) reason in a moment…

But here’s what’s really important:

I call them “1201(k)’s” because they make it possible for hardworking Americans to TRIPLE the yields of the average 401(k).

Take a look…

The average sixty-something could collect $419 a month from the average retirement fund…

But by investing in what I call a “1201(k)” instead, they could collect $1,297 a month!

More than THREE times the average yield Americans are seeing from funds managed by respected firms like Vanguard and Columbia!

And many Americans are already doing it. 

Like Richard F., who instead of receiving a check for $305, uses a “1201(k)” to collect three times the income – $1,117 a month!


James B., who cashes in $2,509 a month…


And John F., who uses a “1201(k)” to boost his income up to $1,505 a month!


Now, Richard, James, and John’s results aren’t typical.

And they DID put more into their "1201(k)s” than most investors would…

But the potential here is crystal clear!

Just by taking just 7 minutes to begin using a “1201(k)”…

You could TRIPLE the average retirement fund yield, and start collecting an extra $1,297 (or more) every month!

And don’t worry if you’ve never heard of a “1201(k)” before. It’s not your fault.

There are a couple of reasons for that.

First, they're not offered by or associated with the government... nor are they licensed and regulated retirement savings plans liek 401(k)s. 

And second...

67% of High Net Worth Investors Say Their Financial Advisors NEVER Mentioned Them!

Why? Because even though they’re 100% legal…

Supported by some of the largest companies in America…

And could allow you to add an extra $1,297 or more to your retirement savings every month…

Brokers and financial advisors HATE them because they don’t cost you (and make them!) a ton in fees like other investment products.

Seeking Alpha reported…

“…many brokers and financial advisors ignore ['1201(k)s']… as they don’t pay great commissions…”

And Pat McKeough of The Successful Investor said…

“To succeed as an investor, you need to stay alert for these conflicts of interest. Brokers go where the money is… So you shouldn't be surprised that brokers and brokerage firm analysts [ignore '1201(k)s'].”

That’s why Forbes reported…

“An overwhelming percentage of investors… report that their financial advisors have never mentioned [‘1201(k)s'] to them.”

But that hasn’t stopped some sources from leaking the details…

Forbes goes on to call these…

“One of the most established investment tools you’ve probably never heard of.”

The Motley Fool says…

“[’1201(k)s’] can offer opportunities you won’t find anywhere else in the investment world.”

And U.S. News announced that…

“[’1201(k)s’] can be a powerful and diversified” option for investors.”

And I’m sending you this message to show how YOU can “create” your own today.

Which means just like everyone I’ve shown you so far…

You could start collecting life-changing sums of money each month.

Just ask Robert W. He'd only be collecting around $457 through the average-performing 401(k)...

But since he's investing in a "1201(k)" he collects three times more – $1,372 a month!


William H. would have received $213… but his “1201(k)” shows him $782 a month…


And Emmanuel R. would have received $1,624… but thanks to his “1201(k)” he enjoys an incredible $4,873 a month!


Today is your chance to join them. And once you do, you could be on your way to collecting…

An Extra $1,297 Every Month… in as Little as 7 Minutes!

You can get your own "1201(k)" investment up and running in just a few minutes…

No difficult forms to fill…

No income, age, or nationality requirements…

And unlike a 401(k), you DON'T have to be an employee of any particular company to access them. After all, this is a unique type of investment on the open market. No ‘plan’ involved.

Which means, just by making a few simple moves today, you could start collecting retirement income as soon as next month…

And then every month after that!

Like Robert S. He receives checks that work out to $767 a month thanks to his “1201(k)”…


Terry H. collects $856 a month…


And thanks to James J.’s “1201(k)”, he gets $2,077 a month!


In the next few moments, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to start making your own “1201(k)” investments…

And more importantly, how you could use them to TRIPLE the average retirement fund yield and collect an extra $1,297 (or more!) every month.

But before that, let me introduce myself.

From the “Laughing Stock” of Texas to the London School of Economics…

My name is Charles Sizemore.

I grew up in a small suburb of Dallas, Texas called Garland.

Garland isn’t famous for much – except for being made fun of…

When the writers of the long-running FOX show King of the Hill wanted to find the most boring, run-of-the-mill suburb they could possibly imagine…

They turned to Garland for inspiration.

And if you’ve ever seen the show – it’s not far from the truth.

Not a lot happened in Garland when I was growing up, except street baseball and shooting hoops…

Which is perhaps why I started paying special attention to my grandfather’s morning ritual of watching the news.

Every day he’d sit and stare at the television, furiously taking notes…

I didn’t know exactly what he was doing…

He’d quickly scribbled down numbers and letters on his yellow notepad.

It seemed pretty important so one day I asked what they were.

Turns out they were stock tickers and prices.

It was then and there that I got hooked on the markets. And my grandfather was more than happy to encourage my interest.

Over the years he drilled into me one simple, but important lesson:

Always get back what you put in!

Or to put it another way – try to NEVER lose money.

That lesson stuck with me all my life, and as you’ll soon see, helped me get where I am today.

And while, much to my grandfather's dismay, no investing approach can avoid losing money 100% of the time...

This principle is built directly into the strategy behind the "1201(k)" I’m showing you today…

Allowing you the chance to add over a thousand dollars to your income every month.

Fast forward a few years, and I’m graduating from the London School of Economics.

This is arguably the best place to learn economics in the world.

It’s produced graduates like George Soros, the billionaire investor…

Kaushik Basu, the chief economist at the World Bank…

And Robert Mundell, who won the Nobel Prize for economics in 1999.

Now, I can’t claim to be a billionaire, or a Nobel Prize winner…

But I’d say I’ve done pretty well for myself:

  • I’m frequently invited to speak on TV and radio networks like CNBC, Fox Business News, and Straight Talk Money Radio… and have been featured on Bloomberg TV.
  • I’ve been trusted with growing over $50 million of retirement assets for clients at a high-end investment firm in Texas.
  • And my analysis and commentary have been featured in Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

But these days, my main area of expertise is INCOME.

It's what I consider the most important part of personal finance.

And I’ve poured THOUSANDS of hours into uncovering new ways you can use to boost yours.

During my research, I came across something that surprised me.

I noticed that by investing in a very specific type of company…

Some people were consistently collecting three times MORE income than nearly everyone else!

And That’s When I Discovered “1201(k)s”

These companies were paying out huge dividends to their shareholders every month…

Often times 5 or even 10 TIMES more!

I wanted to know how they could pull this off…

And that’s when I came across Public Law 99-514, which I showed you earlier.

By electing to follow Title VI, Subtitle F of this law…

These companies can avoid paying federal tax…

And can instead pass through 90% of their net taxable income to their investors.

I quickly decided to compare the amount of money the 525 companies operating under this law were paying out to their shareholders to the average retirement fund return…

And that’s when I discovered that their returns were absolutely CRUSHING what most people normally collect from their 401(k)!

It instantly made sense to me how these companies were consistently able to pay out three times more than the average retirement fund.

And how everyday folks could use this loophole to turbocharge their income… even if their 401(k) or IRA wasn’t delivering what they’d hoped for.

People able to invest larger sums can really cash in…

People like Timothy S., who instead of receiving $476, uses a “1201(k)” to rake in $1,429 a month…


Marc S., who collects $1,529 a month…


And Kevin M., whose “1201(k)” allows him to collect $3,345 a month!


And now in a few minutes, you’ll also have the chance to…

TRIPLE the Average Retirement Fund Yield and Collect an Extra $1,297 (or more!) Every Month

I want to show you this comparison once more, just so the difference can really sink in.

This is how much income the average sixty-something could collect each month from the average retirement fund.

The 2.93% yield is based on three of the top-recommended dividend-paying mutual funds, provided by Investopedia

Funds like… The Vanguard High Dividend Yield Index Fund, the Vanguard Dividend Appreciation Index Fund, and the Columbia Dividend Opportunity Fund.

They each beat the S&P 500 Index, which yields 1.99%.

But still, the average sixty-something looking to boost their income from them would only collect around $419 a month from them.

That’s nothing to scoff at...

But it’s only a THIRD of what you could be collecting from a “1201(k)”.

As you can see, a “1201(k)” can yield three times MORE than the average retirement fund.

Which means that by taking just 7 minutes to get your investment up and running…

You could immediately start adding over a thousand dollars to your income every month.

And what’s more, as you add to your “1201(k)”, the income you receive can quickly grow.

So while you may start off by collecting an extra $1,297 every month…

Over time, you could be collecting an extra $2,000…

Even $3,000…

Month after month!

But you might be thinking…

Because “1201(k)s” have the ability to generate so much more income than the average retirement fund… they HAVE to be a lot riskier right?


In fact, “1201(k)s” are actually one of the SAFEST investments you can make.

The main reason for that is because they’re…

Backed by 525 of the Most Established Companies in America

Even though “1201(k)s” are completely unknown to most investors…

They’re actually offered by some of the biggest companies in America.

Take a look…

Company Assets
Nuveen AMT-Free Quality Muni Inc. $6,265,727,986
Pimco Dynamic Credit & Mortgage Inc. $5,895,000,000
Nuveen AMT-Free Muni Credit Inc. $5,211,437,226
Nuveen Quality Muni Income Fund $4,939,710,556
DNP Select Income $3,939,000,000
Nuveen Municipal Credit Income $3,699,637,814
Nuveen CA Quality Muni Income $3,559,229,525
Kayne Anderson MLP/Midstream $3,493,000,000
Cohen & Steers Infrastructure $3,109,300,000
EV Tax-Mgd Gbl Div Equity Income $2,580,000,000

This list contains just 10 of the companies that have “1201(k)s”.

They hold well over a BILLION in assets each…

And more than $42 billion in total.

And that’s only 10 of them!

There are more than 525 of these companies, and Forbes reports that they hold more than $275 billion in assets.

That’s a huge pool of money…

And thanks to Public Law 99-514, they’re required by law to distribute huge portions of it back to the savvy investors who are using their “1201(k)s”.

Which means that you could TRIPLE the average retirement fund yield and collect an extra $1,297 (or more!) every month.

It’s no surprise, then, that…

Major News Sources Are FINALLY Leaking the Details...

After being kept largely quiet by brokers and financial advisors…

Some major news sources have started to pick up on their incredible earning potential.

Like Barron's, who announced just a few years ago that…

“['1201(k)s' are] Best for Today's Market”

Investor's Business Daily, who reported…

“…because of their unique characteristics, savvy investors realize ['1201(k)s'] can provide a portfolio with consistent distributions of high-yielding income.”

And, who said…

“['1201(k)s'] are like the dark horse of the investment world. They are not mentioned very often but they could make you some serious money.”

I’m sure that Bernard S. would agree because his “1201(k)” brings him $1,528 a month…


Alfred M. would too because his pays him $1,457 a month…


And you don’t even need to ask Carol C.… she makes an exceptional $907 a month from her “1201(k)”!


Now it’s YOUR turn.

You don’t have to sit on the sidelines anymore…

Because today, YOU could get started with your own “1201(k)” investment.

The potential here is virtually limitless.

For instance…

Meet the 76 Year Old Man Who Collects $10,255 a Month from a “1201(k)”

If there’s one person who can demonstrate how powerful “1201(k)s” really are, it’s Mario. 

Mario lives in Greenwich, Connecticut, with his wife.

He has 4 children and loves fly fishing.

And in January 2019, he made an investment in a “1201(k)”...

...and immediately started collecting what comes to $10,255 a month.

That’s $123,060 a year!

With that much income flooding in each year, imagine how easy it could be to live your dream retirement.

Of course, Mario’s results aren’t typical because he did put more into his “1201(k)” than your average investor would…

But even if you emulate just a TENTH of his success…

You’d still be raking in over a thousand dollars a month!

And Mario’s not the only one using a “1201(k)” to his advantage…

This Midwestern Grandma is Using Hers to Outpace MILLIONAIRES!

If you consider that a millionaire putting their money in the S&P 500 would earn just $1,658 per month…

You’d think this grandmother was joking if she told you her goal in life was to collect $3,000 per month for ten full years.

Especially when she only had modest savings to begin with.

But that’s exactly what she did.

Because as she was researching to see how she might be able to achieve her goal…

She was eventually introduced to a retirement strategy that included “1201(k)s”.

The result?

Here’s a direct quote from Forbes

“she’s already withdrawn money for seven months (at $3,000 per month) and her balance has actually grown to $396,000.”

Imagine being able to withdraw $3,000 every month…

While rapidly growing your balance at the same time!

Thousands of Americans are discovering how to use “1201(k)s” to collect extra income month after month.

And because these plans have the ability to triple the average retirement fund and produce reams of income…

Even the wealthiest people in the world have been using them.

In fact…

Bill Gross Has Collected up to
7 Figures a Month from His “1201(k)”

If you want to build wealth, I can think of no better way than by following the example of someone who’s already done it.

Especially if they’re one of the most respected investors in the world.

You see, even Bill Gross, known throughout the markets as the “Bond King”, is using what I call a “1201(k)”.

According to The Wall Street Journal, in 2014:

“Mr. Gross personally held $244 million… [in his ‘1201(k)’].”

That means he could easily be receiving upwards of 7 figures per MONTH from it!

And Bill Gross isn’t the only wealth titan who recognizes the incredible earning potential of “1201(k)s”…

Boaz Weinstein, the founder of Saba Capital Management, also uses a “1201(k)” to boost his income.

When asked about it, he said…

“There’s still a market where you can make tons of money, and Wall Street is clueless”

Even Bill Gates, the second richest person in the world was investing in a “1201(k)” back in 2011…

Marketwatch revealed that he’d…

“...been quietly taking advantage of a little-known investment on the stock market… And it’s open to anyone. He’s been quietly building his position in [his ‘1201(k)’].”

In as little as 7 minutes, you can begin building your wealth with a “1201(k)”, too.

And you’re discovering them at the perfect time, because as Marketwatch reports…

“You may need to generate more – a lot more – income in retirement than you think.”

According to a recent study by Duke University…

Your retirement could cost you 130% of your pre-retirement income to fund.

This is the number they came up with after asking hundreds of participants specific questions about how they’d spend their time in retirement… and then calculating what percentage of their salary it would cost.

That’s nearly TWICE as much as the 70 to 80% most financial planners will tell you.

But many experts agree that retirement really is this expensive, including Donald Chomas, the Senior Vice President for UBS Securities, who said…

“We do not believe the 80% rule… Nearly all of our retirees seem to spend at least a little more than they predict and almost none spend less than they predict during the first several years of retirement.”

This means that you may need to generate a LOT more income to fund your retirement…

And I can think of no better way than by TRIPLING the average retirement fund yield to collect an extra $1,297 (or more!) every month.

So many people are already doing it.

Like Gary Y., who instead of receiving a check for $441… uses a “1201(k)” to collect three times more – $1,325 a month!


Stephen F., who collects $1,430 a month…


And Thomas O., who uses a “1201(k) to generate $1,446 a month!


If you want to start earning predictable monthly income to fund your retirement, “1201(k)s” can help.

But I want to make one thing clear…

“1201(k)s” WON’T Bring You Overnight Riches

If you’re reading this because you want “1201(k)s” to make you a multi-millionaire overnight…

Or you want to score a massive windfall that will let you retire within the next week…

Then you should exit this page right now.

“1201(k)s” are not lottery tickets.

But if you’re interested in the opportunity to consistently TRIPLE the yields of the average retirement fund with what Forbes calls...

“one of the most diverse and potentially powerful investment tools today”

If you want the opportunity to reliably add an extra $1,297 (or more) to your nest egg every month…

Or even if you just need a way to grow your money FASTER than anything else you may have tried before…

Then “1201(k)s” could be for you.

Like they are for William A., who gets $1,574 a month from his “1201(k)”…


John A., who gets $1,642 a month…


And William S., who collects $1,817 a month thanks to his “1201(k)”!


Again, the people I’ve told you about today had especially large position sizes, so they collect more than the average investor will.

But you still don’t have to be rich…

You don’t have to be a certain age…

And you don’t even have to know anything about investing.

In fact…

You Could Get Started Tripling the Average Retirement Fund and Collecting an Extra $1,297 a Month in as Little as 7 Minutes

Investing in a “1201(k)” is so simple that ANYONE can do it…

And all it takes is 7 minutes.

You see, I’ve already done all the hard work for you.

Because after spending THOUSANDS of hours uncovering new ways you could use to boost your income…

And reading every book, article, and publication I could get my hands on…

I uncovered these “1201(k)s”, which can skyrocket the amount of money you collect each month.

I’ve yet to come across an easier way to multiply your income…

And to make it easy for you to start using them, I’ve boiled the process down into 3 simple steps that you can follow:

Step #1: Set Up Your Account

To begin using a “1201(k)”, you need to have a standard brokerage account where you can buy and sell stocks.

If you don't yet have a personal account, don't worry, it’s extremely easy to set one up!

I’ll show you exactly what to do, and it won’t take you more than a few minutes.

All you need is access to the internet…

And you DON’T need to be good with computers.

In fact, if you’re reading this message, it will be a walk in the park for you.

Once your account is set up, you can move straight on to step 2…

Step #2: Start Using a “1201(k)”

When you’ve got your account up and running, you can begin using a “1201(k)”.

Once again, this is extremely easy to do…

I’ve done all the hard work for you by filtering down more than 525 companies that offer a “1201(k)” to only 3 of the very best.

Allowing you the chance to TRIPLE the average retirement fund yield.

You DON’T have to be rich to start.

In fact, you can begin with as little as $100!

As you’ve seen from everyone I’ve shown you today…

The income you collect from these “1201(k)s” can range anywhere from hundreds of dollars every month to thousands or more!

To collect a small amount each month, you can put in a small amount.

If you want yours to collect larger amounts, you just need to put in more.

It’s your choice!

Of course, like anything in the investment world, nothing is ever guaranteed…

And you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But by simply upgrading any part of your portfolio to a “1201(k)”, your potential to generate income is virtually unlimited!

After that the only thing you could have left to do is…

Step #3: Sit Back, Relax, and Watch Your Income Skyrocket!

Just by following the easy 3-step process I will send to you…

You could immediately begin TRIPLING the yield of the average retirement fund and collect an extra $1,297 (or more) every month…

And then every month after that!

I believe that “1201(k)s” are not only the EASIEST way to boost your income I’ve ever discovered…

But also the safest and most powerful.

I’ve seen so many examples of regular Americans using them to add to their monthly income, that I believe they could be…

The Key to Making All Your Retirement Dreams Come True

Imagine how you’d feel tripling the average retirement fund yield…

Adding $1,297 (or more) to your monthly income…

And then watching it grow every month after that!

All it took was 7 minutes to start using a “1201(k)”…

And now you’re finally set to begin living your dream retirement!

That’s how powerful this income-generating secret can be for you.

I spent THOUSANDS of hours uncovering little-known ways to boost your income like this…

So that YOU don’t have to.

You see, I’ve put everything you need to know inside of a brand new report called The 1201(k): How to Triple the Average Retirement Fund Yield

And I’d like to let you have a FREE copy today.

Claim Your FREE Report, The 1201(k): How to Triple the Average Retirement Fund Yield Today!

Within moments of reading your new report, you can be on your way to TRIPLING the average retirement fund and collecting an extra $1,297 (or more!) every month.

You’ll discover the 3 exact steps you need to follow to start using a “1201(k)”…

The 3 companies with the best “1201(k)s”, narrowed down from 525…

And you’ll discover what you should do once you have a “1201(k)”, to ensure that you’re always able to collect the highest level of income possible.

This report could be your KEY to making your retirement dream a reality.

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Now, I can’t promise I’ll always be able to share something as powerful as these “1201(k)s”…

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