Real Estate Doomsday

Dear Reader,

For Jeff B., a hard-working small business owner in New Hampshire, it was supposed to be just another Tuesday at the office…

But in a single instant, one phone call turned his life completely upside down.

“You need to get home –– NOW!” his neighbor said frantically. “There’s a dumpster in your yard, a padlock on your door, and a bunch of guys are ransacking your house!”

Completely panicked, Jeff dropped everything and raced back home.

When he finally arrived, most of his family’s possessions were either in a heap in the front yard or tossed inside the dumpster.

Without any warning or notice, the bank had foreclosed on his house and sold it at auction just a few days earlier...

And in a single afternoon, the life he’d worked so hard to build for his wife and three daughters was gone!

It’s a story we’ve heard all too often following the 2008 housing crisis…

And despite what you’re hearing from the mainstream media about this so-called “economic recovery,” it’s a story we’re going to hear again and again and again in the coming years.

Have some people benefited from this record long bull market?


The richest Americans who own most of the financial assets have seen their wealth skyrocket.

But for hundreds of millions of Americans who don’t belong to the 1%… who were so completely devastated from the last crisis that they were either unable or unwilling to participate in the “recovery”... things HAVEN’T improved.

In fact, for many, things have gotten worse.

And this map proves it...

See all that blue?

No, it’s not who voted for Hillary…

Those are the prosperous parts of America where there’s been strong economic growth, new jobs, rising home values, and higher pay over the past two decades.

And no surprise, most of that prosperity is concentrated in the fast-growing western cities and tech hubs… like San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin, TX.

But see all that orange and red?

That’s the America this “recovery” left behind… the old industrial cities that were once the engine of our economy…

Which means even a tiny bump in the road…

Like an unexpected medical expense, the loss of a job or decrease in pay, a slight increase in the everyday cost of living…

Could send millions of Americans spiraling into the same situation as Jeff B., just one phone call away from experiencing the embarrassment and shame of losing their homes.

So, forget all the fake news you’re hearing about the real estate market being safe again because of the shortage of inventory and record homestarts…

Forget about the record highs in the stock market…

And forget about all the promises the White House and Congress have made…

Because here’s the truth about America none of the corrupt politicians, greedy bankers, or the idiot “experts” on the TV will ever to tell you...

The 2008 Housing Crisis is FAR from Over...
In Fact, the REAL Carnage is Only Just Beginning!

And we’re already starting to see the cracks deepening in this fake “housing recovery” all across America as a silent foreclosure crisis continues to gain momentum.

In August 2017, five states (and D.C.) saw significant year-over-year increases in foreclosure filings –– Mississippi is up 9%, Vermont is up 12%, Louisiana is up 59%, Washington D.C is up 67%, Wyoming is up 79%, and Alaska up 100%!

Nearly a quarter of the nation’s largest metro areas are seeing rising foreclosures… including some of the hottest housing markets in the country like Denver, Austin, Dallas, Nashville, and Columbus, Ohio.

Even New York City is seeing foreclosure auctions explode to levels we haven’t witnessed since 2009!

And if it’s getting this bad in the best markets in America… it has the potential to be much, much worse everywhere else.

Which is why today is a critical moment for you, your family, and your future way of life.

Because according to my research...

In 2018, Your Home’s Value
Could Drop By 50% OR MORE!

This warning isn’t an easy one for most people to hear… and I take no pleasure in telling you your home value could collapse and your retirement could be ruined...

But this isn’t the first time I’ve made a controversial prediction like this… and been right!

In April 2005 – almost a year before the beginning of the housing market crash – I told my readers...

“The most important insight here is that home prices have gotten way ahead of inflation and quality trends, far more than any time in the last century. So, this is not just a bubble – it is the greatest bubble we have ever seen in housing prices. ”

- Harry Dent

And to no surprise, the talking heads on TV did their best to either discredit my warning or outright ignore me.

But thankfully, there were people all across America who took my forecast seriously and prepared themselves...

Like A.C., who’s been following my work since the 90’s. Here’s a review he left on one of my books at

“In 2002 when I was looking at houses to buy, I decided to stay away from real estate because his charts showed a bad market years ahead (he was right). I knew from his book I had maybe five years to own the house and sell and decided  just to stay out of the housing market because timing the peak would not be easy (that saved me $200,000 based on the value of homes around here). ”

- Adam C.

Ben B., who thanks to my research, was able to get out of the stock market before it came crashing down in 2008.

“I have been following the work of Mr. Dent for many years, and I credit him with getting me out of the stock market before the 2008 crash. ”

- Ben B.

In fact, many financial professionals have used my research to help guide their clients’ investment decisions over the past three decades, like Carol S., who also commented on Amazon…

“‘This is the calm before the storm’... Harry Dent was referring to the real estate market in September 2006, as he addressed the Network Advisors at a conference in Tampa. His research suggested that we were in the greatest housing bubble that we have ever experienced, which was about to rapidly deflate.

Dent's insight, research, and practical forecasting methods are a tremendous advantage in providing information to our clients about the changing economic environment that we are facing, and the importance of demographic trends on our lives. ”

- Carol S.

What I’m about to reveal to you today is something you’ll NEVER see on TV...

And you can either choose to ignore this important message and the ironclad evidence I’m about to reveal regarding this upcoming crisis... and risk a catastrophic blow to your wealth you’ll likely never recover from...


You can take this seriously and have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to protect yourself –– and your loved ones –– from the devastating crisis at our doorstep.

So, if you –– or someone you know –– are one of the millions of Americans who are counting on selling their home to afford retirement… I urge you to heed this warning.

Sell Your House NOW Before It’s Too Late!

Even if you don’t currently own a home… or you do, but have no intentions of ever selling your house and don’t care if it drops in value… or you have some other unique situation that makes you believe this housing crisis can’t possibly hurt you…

Keep reading.

Because the domino effect caused by this upcoming crash most certainly CAN have a dramatic impact on your wealth if you aren’t prepared.

But before I go any further, let me introduce myself.

Harry Dent

My name is Harry Dent...

I’m a Harvard MBA graduate, Fortune 100 consultant, and new venture investor who — with the help of the research foundation I created — discovered a powerful link between the science of demographics... and how they directly affect what the markets will do next!

You’ll rarely hear any economist, academic, or politician talk about this… and that’s because they don’t understand this one simple truth:

Spending –– NOT government policies –– is what drives EVERY economy.

You see… as a group, people do predictable things as they age.

The average person buys their first car at 25, gets married at 26, has their first kid at 28, and they buy their first house at 31...

And when you know what types of things people will buy… and when they’ll buy them in their lifetime… it’s almost like having a crystal ball that allows you to peer into the future of any economy.

This demographic research has helped me consistently make accurate economic forecasts –– sometimes decades before they happen –– like...

  • The roaring 90s bull market
  • The dot-com crash of the early 2000s
  • The real estate bubble a few years after that
  • The 2007-2009 financial meltdown
  • Gold’s recent slump along with the dollar’s rally
  • Oil’s shocking fall in 2016

And in just a few moments, I’ll reveal the science behind my research and why it works so well...

But right now, the important thing you need to know is this...

It’s predicting a massive real estate crash!

And in case you’re wondering why you’re not hearing this warning from other economists, there’s a simple reason...

I Know Something Most “Experts” Don’t!

You see… economic bubbles are mass delusion, where investors wrongly assume that prices move in only one direction – UP!

Nowhere is this delusion clearer than real estate.

Almost without exception… the biggest economic crises in history have been led by massive speculation in real estate thanks to cheap credit from banks.

Like Japan in the 1980s…

Between 1980 and 1985, the U.S. dollar rose 50% against the Japanese yen… and American businesses weren’t happy about the flood of cheap imports from the Land of the Rising Sun.

So, the 1985 Plaza Accord was passed to devalue the dollar and make U.S. exports more competitive… and Japan started to go into a recession.

But the Japanese bureaucrats had a tried and tested formula that got Japan out of any rut experienced in the past half century… pump cheap credit into the economy.

Interest rates plummeted from 5% in late 1985 to 2.5% in the first half of 1987.

And once the Bank of Japan flooded the economy with easy money, it had to go somewhere –– domestic stocks and real estate.

From 1985 to 1989, Japan’s Nikkei stock index tripled to 39,000 and accounted for more than a third of the world’s total market cap.

Real estate prices in Tokyo’s prime neighborhood were suddenly worth 350 times more than comparable land in Manhattan, New York.

The land underneath the Imperial Palace was rumored to be worth more than the entire state of California!

Almost everyone thought Japan was going to surpass the United States and become the largest economy in the world…

Except me that is.

Thanks to my demographic research –– and my extensive study on why economic bubbles boom and bust –– I knew Japan was sitting on a ticking time bomb.

They simply didn’t have the population to continue to drive up real estate prices.

I knew for a fact that Japan was in a bubble…and I was publicly ridiculed by EVERYONE in the mainstream media for predicting their collapse.

And then, in 1989, just a few months after I published my very first book, Our Power to Predict, in 1989… it all came crashing down.

It’s been almost 30 years since the crash... and Japan can barely manage to prop up its deflating economy despite years of zero interest rates, repeated quantitative easing (i.e. “money printing”), and constant currency devaluations.

People around the world thought a crisis like Japan’s couldn’t possibly happen again…

But then in 2006… it did.

As I mentioned earlier, I warned my readers in April 2014 of the pending real estate crisis… almost a year in advance of the peak…

But I first predicted it would happen all the way back in 1993 when I published my second book, The Great Boom Ahead... 12 years before the crash began!

“Well, that third wave started to kick in on key in the second half of 1993 and will continue to be in a rising tide of house buying into 2000/2004”

Of course, I was AGAIN ridiculed by the mainstream media, politicians, and “experts” who were all too willing to ignore my warning...

But my research has proven time and time again that demographics are destiny…

And just like Japan in the 80s... the U.S. was about to enter a decade-long real estate boom followed by a major recession.

Then in 2000, the dot-com crash tanked the U.S. economy.

And just like Japan did in 1985, the Federal Reserve used its favorite trick to try right the ship… pump cheap credit into the economy!

Interest rates fell from their December 2000 high of 6% all the way down 0.75% in December 2002.

But most people had lost faith in the stock market after the dot-com bust.

So where did all that free money go? Real estate!

It was like watching Japan in the 1980s all over again… except this time, it was bigger. WAY bigger.

Americans went hog wild and started buying property as fast as they could and created what was arguably the largest bubble in history.

It was mass delusion at its ultimate height!

And then… well, you know how this story ends…

It was the beginning of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

According to the Government Accountability Office… the Great Financial Crisis cost the U.S. economy more than $22 trillion.

So, what did our central bankers decide to do to kickstart the economy?

That’s right… pump even MORE cheap credit into the economy!

And now… here we are again, more than nine years later…

Desperate to believe this recovery is real, the stock market can continue to climb to record highs, and we can all retire rich thanks to the magic of real estate…

But you MUST see through this fantasy if you want to have any hope of affording retirement!

Because right now…

We’re Right in the Middle of Another
MASSIVE Real Estate Bubble…

And when it pops, it’ll destroy the retirement dreams of millions of Americans in the process!

How do I know this? Because all bubbles end when there are more sellers than buyers (and I’ll come back to this point in just a minute).

As I mentioned before… economies are driven by people spending money… NOT government policies or central bankers.

It was thanks to this insight that I was able to develop a breakthrough forecasting technique I call “the spending wave.”

Remember that crystal ball I mentioned earlier? Here’s what it looks like.

As individuals, our spending habits are quite different. But as a group, they’re shockingly similar.

For example, we knew for the Baby Boomer generation that they’d buy their first homes at the average age of 31. Then, as they had kids and their families grew, they’d move into bigger homes at the average age of 41.

And at around the age of 46, right as they’re getting ready to ship their children off to college, they’d hit their peak levels of spending… which is exactly the reason I was able to predict the 2006 housing crisis and the stock market crash with uncanny accuracy all the way back in 1993!

All I had to do was add 46 years to the births we had in America (adjusted for immigration).

And when I did, I got a chart that looked like this...

A stunning correlation for nearly 50 years with the Dow Jones Industrial Average!

Now I’ll admit, there’s no possible way I could’ve anticipated almost a decade of zero and negative interest rates... and how that’d keep this fantasyland of a market inflated for so long…

But there’s simply no escaping America’s demographic destiny.

The oldest members of the Baby Boomer generation turned 70 in 2016…

That means the largest generational cohort in America is looking to sell their homes and cash out for retirement!

Now, the Boomers have been holding off doing this for as long as they could in an attempt to recover from the last financial crisis…

But that’s about to change.

Remember how I said “all bubbles end when there are more sellers than buyers?”

As the Boomers start rushing for the exit all at once, that’s exactly what we're going to see.

And despite the “fake news” narrative about how strong the real estate market is because of the lack of supply…

There are three MAJOR problems they aren’t telling you about that create massive risks for American homeowners.

Problem #1: Millennials Don’t Want to Buy McMansions

Right now, Millennials are the largest cohort of homebuyers in America.

And even though they’re waiting longer to get married, start a family, and buy a home… and they’re more likely to skip buying a starter home and opt for a larger property…

They have almost ZERO interest in the massive McMansions that cost a fortune to maintain... typically lack the desirable open floor plans and high-end amenities Millennials want… and are usually located in hellish suburbia, far away from the hip neighborhoods and fun activities…

Which is exactly why the Boomers want to sell them!

So what’s happening? Boomers and Millennials are competing for the SAME limited supply of desirable housing inventory.

There isn’t a housing shortage. There’s a shortage of affordable housing in desirable areas.

Which brings us to...

Problem #2: Housing is More Unaffordable than Ever

Even though home prices are, on an inflation-adjusted basis, lower than the peak of the last crisis…

And even though Millennials say they want to buy bigger homes…

The reality is, homes have never been more unaffordable than they are right now.

And despite all the cheerleading you see coming from mainstream media about the record low unemployment levels and how healthy the American economy is… nothing could be further from the truth.

Because, guess who's been getting all those jobs?

It’s not the Millennials or Gen Xers… it’s Boomers!

Because Baby Boomers have delayed moving into retirement, they’ve also stayed in the workforce much longer than normal.

And they’re often willing to take lower pay in exchange for a steady income to help them with the monthly bills and continue to save for retirement.

Which means not only are Boomers competing with younger homebuyers for the same inventory… but they’re also competing for the same jobs!

So, who’s going to buy all those unaffordable homes at the prices Boomers expect to sell them for?

Not the Millennials… who, as a cohort, earn less money than Baby Boomers did at their age, have lower employment rates, and are saddled by huge amounts of student loan debt...

Nor, for that matter, any of the 38 million Americans who, as of today, can’t afford to live in their current homes…

Nor the seven million homeowners who are either completely underwater on their mortgage or are barely above break even…

Nor the one in five American households that are currently flat broke or in debt.

Because despite the lies you’re hearing about this miraculous “recovery” we’re currently experiencing...

Tens of millions of American households across the country earn less income, have less wealth, and carry far more debt than they did in the 2000s!

Meanwhile, banks are still stringent on mortgages, even after one of the most liberal lending periods in banking history.

So even if every single Millennial could qualify for a mortgage to buy these unaffordable houses…

Even if every single one of them was ready and willing to buy a house today…

And even if the GOP tax plan... rising interest rates... America’s $20 trillion (and growing) national debt… the $210 trillion in unfunded liabilities ... or the Fed’s unwinding of its massive balance sheet have zero negative impact on the economy...

There’s still one major problem.

Problem #3: America is Approaching the “Demographic Cliff”

Here’s the harsh reality about living: One day you’re gonna die… and in America that statistically happens at age 79.

And as more and more older American homeowners start to die off, their empty homes will come on the market.

Which is why, when we make residential real estate forecasts here at Dent Research, we factor in the number of “dyers” to accurately predict total supply and demand.

And when you add in this missing piece of the real estate market puzzle… there’s only one rational conclusion you can come to.

Over the coming years and decades… there’s going to be WAY more supply than demand… and that, by definition, will drive prices down.

And when the market starts forcing home prices down… no amount of cheap credit from the Federal Reserve will ever entice dead people to buy new homes and reflate the real estate market!

I call this phenomenon the “Demographic Cliff”... and it’s exactly the reason why Japan’s real estate market has NEVER bounced back from its 1989 peak.

There’s simply not enough people ALIVE in their country to buy all the available houses.

And America –– along with several other wealthy, developed countries around the world –– are all headed for the same fate.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again...

There’s no escaping our demographic destiny!

And just like Japan in 1989… and the U.S. in 2006...

Once the Real Estate Bubble Pops…
It’s Going to Take Everything Down with It!

That’s why I’ve been working these past few months on a new eBook to help regular folks like you prepare for this upcoming crisis... and grow your wealth in the process!

The eBook is called Real Estate Doomsday: How to Protect and Grow Your Wealth During the Greatest Real Estate Crash in History.


Inside, you’ll learn…

  • The truth about big city real estate –– Most people believe property prices could NEVER fall in major markets like New York City… but history tells a different story. Here’s the truth your realtor doesn’t want you to find out [page 7].
  • What’s REALLY propping up property prices. You’ve probably been hearing about the housing “inventory shortage” driving the real estate markets these past few years… but here’s what the mainstream media ISN’T telling you (and it could cost you dearly) [page 9].
  • DEBUNKED! The Biggest Real Estate Myth Ever –– Every real estate investor alive wants to believe prices on whatever they own can’t go down. And it’s all because of this one dangerous lie… [page 6].
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  • EXPOSED! The Fed’s “great delusion.” It’s the single biggest threat to our economy… and to YOUR wealth. Here’s how to stop it from robbing you and your family of everything you’ve worked so hard to save [page 2].
  • Why these 15 “super cities” are about to get slaughtered. Most people think the super-rich will always buy in these desirable areas, but history proves otherwise. Some of the ultra-wealthy will get out in time… but the truth is, they’re going to get hit the hardest. Make sure you don’t buy property in any of these 15 cities [page 30]!
  • How much your home is REALLY worth (WARNING! This might upset you) –– Banking on your house to help you pay for retirement? If so, this “real value” real estate formula will tell you what your home is REALLY worth… and the answer will shock you [page 35].
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And much, much more!

I know this is a hard truth to accept… but it’s crucial to your wealth and wellbeing that you take this warning seriously and prepare now.

Because there’s nothing Donald Trump or any of the bozos at the Fed can do to stop this catastrophe from happening.

But if you take this warning seriously… you CAN do something to protect yourself and your loved ones from getting wiped out when it does.

But the problems we’re facing here in America are only a tiny piece of a much larger and global revolution that’s about to take place.

Which is why I’m also going to send you a free hardcover copy of my latest bestselling book...

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Zero Hour

If you’re the smart, savvy, and well-informed person I think you are… you’ve probably already realized this upcoming real estate crisis is just the tip of the iceberg...

A day of reckoning –– or what I call “Zero Hour” –– is coming… and it’s not a matter of “if,” but “when!”

But here’s what you probably DON’T know...

The massive political, social, and economic upheaval that’s likely to unfold in 2018 was practically preordained!

Look at this chart…

It’s the culmination of more than 30 years of research into cycles and demographic trends.

When you zoom out and chart all of history’s largest and most significant turning points… they ALL happen on a disturbingly predictable schedule!

And Zero Hour –– an event that only happens once every 250 years –– is going to be the single most disruptive event we’ve seen since the American Revolution.

It’s going to be a full-on rebellion against the power structures of the past… here in the U.S. and around the globe.

And if you’re prepared for it...

You can put yourself in prime position to reap untold riches as Zero Hour unfolds!

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Demographics allow us to see the “big picture” with uncanny accuracy… but they can’t possibly predict every short-term trend, market fluctuation, or absurd central bank policy like negative interest rates.

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Not to mention the many financial professionals who continue to rely on our research to help their clients protect and grow their retirement savings. They’ve said online…

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- Bender M.

“I met Harry Dent in the early 90s. I have read his books and reviewed data comparing actual results to Dent's forecasts. To be sure, Harry hasn't always hit the specific numbers perfectly. But, he nails the trends and provides key research to support these. Most importantly, he provides specific investment recommendations for prospering in the future. Principally by following the Dent forecasts and suggestions, our clients and I have done much better than the markets year after year.”

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Anyone who followed his advice to sell real estate, even by 2006, made a lot of money and sat on the sidelines as they watched everyone else's real estate crash. Now it looks like he's right again about the coming crash, even though some of it may have happened already. The worst part may be yet to come.”

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