WARNING! What you’re about to hear is alarming… and may upset you.

Controversial economist and bestselling author Harry Dent returns with his most shocking and important book ever…


How to Turn the Greatest Political and Financial Crisis in Modern History to Your Advantage 



In the weeks and months ahead, you and your loved ones will face challenges unlike anything you’ve seen before.


Because the greatest social, economic, and political upheaval since the American Revolution is on our doorstep.

And its combined effects could cause stocks to crash as much as 80% beginning just weeks from now… crippling your wealth now and for the rest of your life.

Mainstream media pundits are calling me crazy, an idiot, and a quack. But that’s nothing new…

After all, I’ve been making predictions that people are skeptical of for decades… but one after another keeps coming true anyway!

And when you see the evidence for yourself, you’ll know why my latest forecast is 100% spot on too.


Virtually NO ONE sees this coming, but make no mistake…

There WILL be blood in the streets... unless you take a few critical but easy steps now.

Which is why I want to get my new book, Zero Hour: How to Turn the Greatest Political and Financial Upheaval in Modern History to Your Advantage, into your hands as soon as possible…

…so you’ll have the tools you need to prepare and survive as the world we know is turned upside down!

The Next American Civil War is Upon Us!

We were taught in school that the Civil War ended with Lee’s surrender at Appomattox in 1865.

The reality is…

The second phase of the “War Between the States” has already begun.

You see, “Civil War I” – like World War I – was just the preamble to a second, much WIDER conflict.

We may not see armed fighting with guns and tanks, at least not right away.

But we ARE seeing the first rumblings of Civil War II.

Antifa… Occupy Wall Street... The “alt right”… Charlottesville... Black Lives Matter...

Recent indictments of Trump campaign officials for alleged collusion with Russia… 

And believe me, it's going to get worse.

A LOT worse.

Americans are more divided than ever, which is why the 2016 U.S. presidential election was the ugliest, most heated one ever…

But the election is just another symptom of the most radical polarization in U.S. politics since the Civil War.

Look at this chart from Pew Research and you’ll see what I mean…

We went from about a 10% difference in ideology between the average Democrat and Republican in 2004… to 35% just ten years later!

And between the most politically engaged, the differential is almost 55%, with the majority of each party on the extreme right or left.

Now look at this map of the 2016 election.

You probably didn't need to see this to know what it says... left and right have hunkered down into their warring camps.

But this is about MUCH more than red versus blue.

It's upper class versus lower class.

It's the American worker – white collar and blue collar – versus globalization.

It's a scared citizenry versus terrorist organizations like ISIS.

It’s young versus old over entitlements.

It’s third world versus first world countries.

It's people from all walks of life saying, "Enough is enough!"

But this polarization isn't just happening here in the U.S.

In today’s world, we’re so connected that everyone now hates almost everyone else!

Ethnic minorities versus majorities… radical Islamists versus “infidels”… globalists versus nationalists…

You name it, we’re seeing it play out almost everywhere...

  • Terrorist incidents exploding across Europe and the United States…
  • Brexit, and a near-miss “Frexit”…
  • Catalonians voting to secede from Spain…
  • Shiites fighting Sunnis fighting Kurds in the Middle East…

These aren’t isolated conflicts.

They’re the beginnings of a worldwide revolution in politics, economics… everything.

We’re talking top-down management… establishment and special interest politics… social engineering… monetary manipulation… wealthy elitism…

This isn’t just a global civil war…

It’s a global Revolutionary War!

And I've seen it coming for decades now...

What Economists and Political Elites Miss…

Harry Dent, Jr.

My name is Harry Dent.

Although I have an MBA from Harvard, and have consulted to numerous Fortune 100 companies, most economists think I’m a nutcase.


Because I’m probably the most unorthodox economist you’ll ever meet.

You see, “conventional” economists tend to look at simple things like government, the Fed, jobs data, etc…

But I see another, much more powerful force at work...

Social, demographic, political, and economic cycles.

You can’t see them. And you can’t touch them.

Mainstream economists and their cohorts in the political establishment don’t even know they exist!

But they’re behind every major movement and crisis in history, no matter how hard governments try to stop them!

In fact, cycles create those big “unexpected” events… what some people call “black swans”.

Only there’s no such thing as a “black swan”.

This is just a convenient tag to pin on something “government and economic experts” don’t see coming… because they don’t understand cycles!

But these cycles are behind every so-called “black swan” in recent times…

  • The Black Monday stock market crash (1987).
  • The dismantling of the Berlin Wall (1989).
  • The Asian financial crisis (1997).
  • The “Dot-com” crash (2000).
  • The September 11 attacks (2001).
  • Lehman Brothers collapse (2008).
  • Brexit and Trump’s election (2016).

And when two or more cycles converge, they produce the truly epic events of history…

  • Martin Luther and his “95 Theses” (1517).
  • The Mayflower setting sail from England (1620).
  • The American Revolution (1765-1783).
  • The U.S. Civil War (1861-1865).
  • The First World War (1914-1918).
  • The Great Depression (1929-1939).
  • The Second World War (1939-1945).
  • The Great Recession (2007-2009).

We’re at a Rare Moment in History

Right now, three mega-cycles – or “Harbingers of Revolution” – are converging in a once-every-250-year event!

This incredibly rare occurrence is what Andy and I call “Zero Hour”.


Harbinger #1 – The 28-Year Financial Crisis Cycle

This cycle last bottomed in 1933, when we saw the highest unemployment in U.S. history and the worst of the worldwide Great Depression.

The next bottom hit in 1961, with twin recessions in 1960 and 1962.

Then we got the recession and savings-and-loan crisis of 1990-91 (shortly after the bottom in 1989).

And finally, we get…

An 80%-plus crash in the U.S. stock market, beginning within weeks!

Which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Just look at where stocks are now…


Harbinger #2 – The 84-Year Populist Movement Cycle

This cycle is easy to see today, because we’re witnessing uprisings and riots almost daily.

It started with Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump in late 2016.

Devastated by one bubble burst after the next – all while watching the wealthiest 1% run away with 50% of the money – the middle class was ripe for revolt.

And here’s where it gets scary…

The rise of Hitler as German chancellor in January 1933 – and Trump as U.S. president in January 2017 – occurred exactly 84 years apart!

And guess what Hitler’s whole appeal was?

Make Germany great again!

Sound familiar?

No, I’m NOT calling Trump the next Hitler… I’m just demonstrating this cycle and how precisely it tracks populist movements – and this clearly is one.

Roughly 84 years before Hitler, it was Karl Marx, who inspired populist revolts against the European aristocracy.


Harbinger #3 – The 250-Year Revolutionary Cycle

This last hit in the 1760s.

The Boston Tea Party, the First Continental Congress, the Declaration of Independence, and the Revolutionary War – along with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and modern free-market capitalism – all followed in rapid succession.

These global paradigm shifts occur once every 250 years like clockwork!

For example, 250 years prior, in the early 1500s, we had Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation…

More than a religious movement, the Reformation ushered in a broad social and political revolution against medieval feudalism and the dominant Catholic Church… laying the foundation for modern democracy and human rights.

250 years prior, in the late 1200s, we had the voyages of Marco Polo.

Maps based on Polo’s travels to East Asia inspired Columbus to set out across the Atlantic, hoping to find a western sea route to India and China.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The takeaway?

Each revolution builds on the last one…

Which means the NEXT revolution is shaping up to be epic in size and scope!

But we don’t just have the Revolutionary Cycle hitting now… WE HAVE ALL THREE.

  • A “perfect storm” of major social, political, and economic convulsions at every level.
  • A major financial crash and a deflationary economic crisis like we last saw in the 1930s.
  • A second real estate bust, leaving millions of Americans (again) underwater on their mortgages.
  • The United States breaking into red and blue “common market” zones, with some states actually seceding to form their own independent republics.
  • An entire overhaul of the global financial system.
  • The world map redrawn to finally correct the “errors” of the colonial era.
  • A “bottoms-up” revolution to the very way we do business. Goodbye top-down bureaucrats everywhere!

And more changes we can’t yet imagine.

What Andy says is true, “The more cycles that arrive at the party, the rowdier it gets!”

So How Does This Help YOU?

Knowing when the big cycles come together is critical. But as an investor, you could still lose your shirt if you’re a few weeks or even a few days late to the party.

And that’s where Andrew Pancholi comes in.


His research, as you’ll see when you get your copy of Zero Hour: Turn the Greatest Political and Financial Upheaval in Modern History to Your Advantage, includes cycles that predict likely turning points down to the month, the week, and even the day!

For example, in 2014, Andy flew across the Atlantic to warn me about the collapse of the euro… to within a handful of ticks. And it bottomed within a few days of when he said it would!

You’re unlikely to find a more accurate market forecaster anywhere else.

And that’s how the idea for this book came about…

Zero Hour is your playbook to guide you through “The Great Reset”.

Because there’s something you need to understand…

The “gloom-and-doomers” are WRONG.

This WON’T be the “end of the world”.

Just the end of the world as we know it!




PART 1 – The Forces Driving the Revolution

In Part 1, you’ll understand why Andy and I are predicting this world-changing revolution, and what it means for you and those you care about.

Here you’ll discover…

  • The absolute SAFEST PLACE for you and your family as “The Great Reset” unfolds. [page 57]
  • Why states that elected Trump will NOT be on the winning side of history, and who WILL be. (Hint: It’s why the South lost the Civil War). [page 56]
  • Asian sweatshops and immigrant laborers are the biggest threat to the American worker… right? Think again! [page 46]
  • Are you a resident of this state? You could wake up one morning as a citizen of the world’s newest independent republic! [page 36]
  • Why today’s CEOs are like French nobles BEFORE they were guillotined… and what you must do NOW If you run a business (large or small)! [page 137]
  • Plus, the one cycle that proves this is NOT the “end of the world” (or America), as some of my bearish peers would have us believe. [page 98]

PART 2 – The Invisible yet Obvious Bubble

In Part 2, we show you how to prepare for the first shock: the bursting of the greatest economic bubble in modern history.

Now we give you the “heads up”…

  • WARNING: Major stock market collapse dead ahead! The Dow and S&P 500 could each see up to 83% losses before it’s over. [page 175]
  • The truth about the “FANGs”. These hot tech stocks are like the most popular stocks in 1929… BEFORE they crashed! [page 172]
  • The secret reason why certain markets can drop even lower than where they started. This will scare the crap out of you! [page 180]
  • The single biggest bubble economy in recorded history. In fact, it’s right where the U.S. was in 1929 and worse than 2007. But its crash will be like an elephant falling from the sky… and it’ll take the U.S. (and the rest of the world) down with it! [page 228]
  • Plus, which U.S. city’s real estate market is now in a double bubble. If you live here, escape the “death trap” while you can! [page 208]

PART 3 – How to Profit from the Greatest Revolution and Financial Crisis since the Late 1700s

In Part 3, Andy and I show you how to get in on the greatest wealth-building opportunity of your life as “The Great Reset” hits and the “New Golden Age” begins…

Here’s where you’ll learn…

  • Why two “humdrum” investments will hand you the Trade of the Decade… and when you should pounce. They DOUBLED in the 1930s – smack dab in the middle of the Great Depression. And this time they’ll take off even faster! [page 255]
  • Are you counting on high-dividend blue-chip stocks for your retirement “safety play”? Big mistake! When these stocks decline by as much as 76% or more... your 2% or 3% dividends won’t be worth spit! [page 265]
  • ALERT! Gold bugs are WRONG! When deflation sets in, like it did in the early 1930s, gold could easily drop by HALF in just a few years or less! Here’s how to bet on gold’s downside for the most stunning returns. [page 267]
  • The currency with the greatest upside in the years ahead. It’s cheap now… and you don’t need a FOREX account to access it. [page 267]
  • Three specific, easy-to-buy investments you MUST have in your portfolio before this sector launches into the stratosphere. [page 296]
  • The nascent “sleeping giant” set be the greatest driver of global growth for decades. (Hint: it’s not China or Brazil). [page 281]
  • PLUS, how to safely short the stock market as it crashes, making up to three times what other investors lose! [page 269]

Other critical survival tools you’ll find in Zero Hour include…

  • The secret (and VERY controversial) cycle that nailed 11 out of 11 major financial crises all the way back to the early 1800s. And it’s getting ready to hit us again! [page 114]
  • The truth about Uber, Airbnb, driverless cars, and artificial intelligence. These innovations won’t pay off until the 2030s. But THIS one is ready to hand early investors a veritable gold mine in short order! [page 4]
  • Baby Boomers are the engine of the U.S. economy now, right? WRONG! They’ll cause the greatest market crash we’ve ever seen! (Hint: It’s also why they pushed us into the Great Recession in 2007). [page 88]
  • When the “longevity revolution” will REALLY begin. Imagine having two sets of kids (one in your 30’s and another in your 60’s – to get it “right”)… and not even wanting to retire until you’re 100-plus! [page 82]
  • When America’s Civil War II will break out. Ironically, the more Trump succeeds, the more states could bolt! [page 223]

And much, much more!

This book is all about guiding you through the revolution ahead.

To help you understand the key cycles that drive economic growth, innovation and progress…

WHY major shifts like the Great Depression and major booms like the Roaring 20's and the recent 1983-2007 bull market happen… WHEN they will happen… and HOW you can benefit from them.

All thanks to the predictive power of cycles.


In fact, the first book I ever published was called Our Power to Predict.

That remains as true today as it was when I wrote it in 1989 and predicted the simultaneous collapse of Japan and the greatest boom in history in the U.S. and the rest of the world. And now with Andrew at my side, we have better and more integrated cycles research than ever!

Winston Churchill once said, “The longer you can look back, the farther you can look forward.”

It’s a timeless truth, yet most people foolishly ignore it.

They’re cycle-blind!

But when YOU are aware of the cycles, it’s easy to take simple steps to survive and prosper as these social and economic forces roll over us.

Events are accelerating rapidly, which is why I urge you to get your personal copy of Zero Hour: Turn the Greatest Political and Financial Upheaval in Modern History to Your Advantage today.

You can either ride the wave of the future, or get pounded into the sand.

It’s totally up to you.

And if you’ve never read our work before…

Here’s What Some Other “Politically Incorrect Visionaries” Say…

“Whether you are an investor or interested observer you will want to read how Harry Dent and Andrew Pancholi clash with and challenge many well-known views, including mine on interest rates. Regardless of whether you agree with their line of reasoning or not, you will benefit from reading their new book, evaluating their arguments and learning their perspective on a great many issues vital to our economic future.”

-Dr. Lacy Hunt
Ph.D. Economist
VP, Hoisington Investment Management Company

"In my book Trumped I saw good things about his new bold policies, but some much greater dangers and a lack of reality about our financial and political challenges. Harry Dent is actually making a credible argument for why this could literally turn into a modern day civil war and split between the red and blue states – and he sees a similar revolution in many places around the world. Put on your seatbelts! Don’t miss this very factual and controversial book.”

-David Stockman
Former Reagan Administration Budget Director
Author of The Great Deformation and founder of David Stockman’s Contra Corner

“Harry S. Dent, Jr. is known for his investment-related vision and innovation. He saw the collapse of Japan in 1989 just before it happened and now he sees another major financial and political crisis ahead in the United States. In this book, Harry outlines the great political and financial revolution that is just beginning and traces it back to the birth of democracy. I’m running for governor of Connecticut and plan to be a part of this revolution by showing how to turn around the Constitution State so it can be a model for other states and the U.S. government to follow.”

-David Walker
Former U.S. Comptroller General

“In our respective research, Harry S. Dent, Jr. and I have been warning our readers about the unprecedented and unsustainable global and U.S. debt build up for over a decade now. We both agree that a ‘Great Reset’ is inevitable at this point, and will destroy much of our financial assets, banks, and businesses. But Harry adds a deeper political revolution from his and Andy Pancholi’s impressive cycle work, which has clearly already begun. A must-read book!”

-John Mauldin
Co-author of Code Red

“Harry S. Dent, Jr. makes a very compelling argument that technology and globalization have progressed so much that they have put sectors of society at each other’s throats. It is an important insight that globalization could retreat for decades to come. As always, Harry brings fresh new insights and clarity to a seemingly unpredictable and complex economy. Zero Hour is a must-read book if you want to navigate the greatest political divide since the Civil War.”

-George Gilder
Author of Knowledge and Power and Life After Google

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I want to see you emerge on the other side of this revolution better than you started.

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Harry Dent

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