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Dear Reader,

Take a look at this…

It’s a 117-year-old “claims” map of a historic mining town from the old west.

You may have heard of it… Cripple Creek, Colorado.


See all those thinly-drawn rectangles? Those lines represent claims staked by gold miners hoping to strike it rich…

Miners who traveled hundreds and even thousands of miles from the last gold rush town.

They came from Northern California, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Idaho and even Denver City… pushing the population in Cripple Creek to over 50,000 strong at its peak.


And the map above would show them where – if anywhere – they could dig next.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m showing you a map that’s over a century old.

You see, back in 1900, that big, red “X” wasn’t on there.

Miners simply went to where others were finding gold and figured they could do the same.

But I’ve placed the “X” on the map because it not only holds the key to where the miners SHOULD have been digging over 100 years ago…

But incredibly, it also holds the secret to getting rich from THE hottest trend in the market today…


That’s right, I believe the big, red “X” on that 117-year-old map is the key to achieving safe, long-term wealth from the entire cryptocurrency revolution.

Now I’ll be the first to say that nothing in the market is guaranteed – but when I reveal what that “X” marks you could:

Because this is the treasure map for…

The New Cryptocurrency Gold Rush

Today we’re seeing a modern-day gold rush around the world, driven by an entirely different kind of miner – a data miner.


Cryptocurrencies are the most talked about and controversial investment on the market today.

They’re even doing what some old farts like me thought was impossible – getting Millennials interested in investing!

Since Bitcoin first launched in 2009, we’ve now seen over 900 other cryptocurrencies hit the market.

And the gains some investors have seen from these virtual coins are simply mind-blowing:

Bitcoin has rocketed from just a quarter of a cent to more than $17,000 since it first traded on May 22, 2010. Had you put $5 into Bitcoin that first day, you could potentially have over $34 million in just over seven (7) years.

Ethereum surged a massive 175,348% to its all-time high in 2017… turning every $100 of Ether coin into over $175,000…

And there are a bunch more that have rocketed higher in a matter of months, weeks, and even days…

Litecoin, up 7,663% since early 2017 alone…

Monero, up 10,647% in just over three (3) years, including a rapid 210% surge the last two weeks of August…

The total market cap for all cryptocurrencies surged over 800% in 2017 alone…


Had you thrown just $100 into Dash on Valentine’s Day 2014, you could be sitting on over $186,000 today.

Quite frankly, the market has gotten insane.

The total market cap for all cryptocurrencies surged over 800% in 2017 alone…

As of November 2017, it sits at over $280 billion dollars.

If cryptocurrencies were a publicly-traded company, it would now be one of the 20 largest companies in America...

Bigger than Walmart, Visa, Intel, Oracle, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Verizon, Toyota, Boeing, Walt Disney, Merck… the list goes on and on.

And consider this…

The total volume of all virtual money floating around the internet – that $280 billion dollars out of reach of governments and central bankers – would currently rank 43rd in terms of GDP… more than the entire economy of Chile!

But we’re not talking about a company.

We’re not even talking about a real currency...

We’re talking about the “value” of the computer code that makes up every “digital coin” in the world.

Make no mistake, people are getting rich from the cryptocurrency revolution.

But I’ll be honest with you. Jumping into every cryptocurrency that pops up is the riskiest and perhaps WORST way to invest in this market.

So I’m going to show you in a moment where I think ONLY the best opportunities lie today.

And why that big, red “X” is the key to potential gains as high as 30,970%!


In terms of cold hard cash… that means for every simple $1,000 investment – the potential exists for $309,700 in return!

I’ll reveal its secret in just a moment, but first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Harry Dent...

You may know me from one of my many TV appearances on CNBC, CNN, Fox, and PBS.

Or from one of my books like The Demographic Cliff, The Sale of a Lifetime, and my most recent bestseller, Zero Hour: Turn the Greatest Political and Financial Upheaval in Modern History to Your Advantage.

I’ve been tracking demographic and economic cycles for decades…

And one thing my research has proven over and over again is that all of these smaller cycles are just a part of bigger revolutionary cycles like the Industrial Revolution.

Only this time we’re talking about a currency revolution… with cryptocurrencies leading the first wave of change.

As part of my research, I highlight opportunities that enable investors to capture life-changing gains and warn them when it’s time to get out.

I predicted the U.S. recession from 1990 to 1992 that resulted in a sharp 21% market crash…

And I predicted the massive boom that followed, allowing investors to grow their money nearly five times over as the Dow soared from 2,400 to around 11,000 by the turn of the century.

I also called the tech bubble in 2000…

The real estate crash in late 2005…

The gold and silver peak in 2011…


And oil’s shocking drop in 2015.


In each of these cases, investors who heeded my warnings had a chance to protect their money when the bubbles finally popped.

But what most people don’t know is that I’ve actually been a bull far more often than I’ve been a bear throughout my career.

When I see a golden opportunity to make money, I jump on it.

That’s exactly what I did when we called the bull market of the 1990s, the rebound from the Tech Bubble, and the initial climb out of the Great Recession in 2009.

Now, I’d like to think that if I had been in Cripple Creek about 1920, you would have found me sitting at a corner stool in the saloon, drink in hand, telling anyone who would listen one simple thing…

You’re Digging in the Wrong Damn Spot!

I already told you that big, red “X” was the key to getting rich in Cripple Creek more than a hundred years ago…

And it’s also the key to where to make money in cryptocurrencies in the years ahead.
But here’s the thing…

It’s not on top of any of the old mines in Cripple Creek…

And it’s not in the middle of any of the gold camps that surrounded the region.


That “X” does mark the spot where a number of Cripple Creek’s early residents got rich off the gold rush... many of them without mining a single nugget of gold.

That’s right, some of Cripple Creek’s wealthiest residents didn’t get that way digging for the yellow metal.

Don’t get me wrong, some did. But they were the lucky few.

The real winners in Cripple Creek were the ones who figured out early that in order to make sure they struck it rich, they needed to dig where nobody else was digging…

They needed to move the “X”.

And that’s exactly what they did.

“X” Marks the Spot

This is Bennett Avenue in Cripple Creek. It’s the main street that runs through the heart of town…

And it’s exactly where the “X” has been located for more than a hundred years.


Today Cripple Creek is officially a historic ghost town. But Bennett Avenue was the center of action back in the late 1800s and early 1900s…


In 1890, the first gold deposit was discovered in Cripple Creek, kicking off the last great gold rush in Colorado.

Thousands of prospectors flooded the region, many coming from the washed-up mines in Nevada, Arizona, and California.

Winfield S. Stratton was one of those prospectors and in 1891 he literally struck it rich when he hit a vein of gold in what he named the Independence Lode — to this day, one of the largest gold discoveries in history.

Between 1893 and 1899 more than 200,000 ounces of gold were pulled out of the Independence lode. That’s more than $232 million dollars at current prices.

As reported several years later by The Cripple Creek Times, the Cripple Creek District was contributing more to the global treasury than international financial centers like London and Paris.

No mistake about it, Cripple Creek was one of the hottest gold towns in the Old West, full of opportunity for anyone with a pick and a shovel.

It was said that a man could throw his hat in the air, dig where it fell and strike gold.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t really the case.

Less Than 1 in Every 1,000 People in Cripple Creek Became Gold Rush Millionaires

In a lot of ways, the current “crypto rush” reminds me of the gold rush in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Some millionaires were made overnight while other miners lost every penny they had chasing a dream.

But that dream — the dream of throwing your hat in the air, digging where it landed and striking it rich — sent tens of thousands of fortune hunters traveling from one gold town to the next.

Picture that claims map of Cripple Creek for a moment…


Picture all those rectangles surrounding the town, each one representing a prospector hoping to strike it rich.

So how many did?


Just 30 became gold rush millionaires out of a population of 50,000.

Now I realize not all 50,000 people in the region were digging for gold.

Even if I were to assume only 30,000 of those were miners, that’s still only 0.1% of the population… less than 1 in 1,000.


The rest of the prospectors had simply been moving from one town to the next, picks and shovels in hand, hoping to strike the motherlode.

And the exact same thing is happening right now when it comes to cryptocurrencies, with investors moving from one to the next hoping to hit it big with the next Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, most aren’t.

According to a cryptocurrency website that tracks failed currencies, over 600 of the 900 digital coins created so far have either failed outright or fizzled out due to a lack of interest in the market.

That’s means nearly two out of every three cryptos ultimately fail!

Look, I know I’m not going to talk some of you out of investing in cryptocurrencies…

But I do want to make sure you’re at least putting your money into the one that has the greatest chance of sticking around…

And as I’ll tell you in a few minutes, I don’t think Bitcoin is the one to own.

But I’m also going to give you several different ways you can make money off this boom without buying a single digital coin if you’re not ready to take that step.

And I’ll do that by showing you…

How a Big, Red “X” on a 117-Year-Old Map Could Lead to 30,970% Gains or More

Between Cripple Creek and neighboring Victor, miners had staked claims over 4,544 acres.
But the reality is that other than the lucky few like Winfield Stratton, the real money was being made in a small area of just one square mile…

Exactly where that “X” on the map I’ve shown you falls.


Right in the heart of Cripple Creek — up and down Bennett Avenue.

It turns out the founders of the town — Horace Bennett, Julius Myers, and Alexander Houseman — didn’t even count on any gold being found.

They owned the old Broken Box Ranch…

And when prospectors started streaming into the area and camping out on the land, they figured they might as well plot out a town and start selling lots.

And that’s exactly what they did, founding what would later be called Cripple Creek.

But that’s not all they did, because they also realized that all those miners were going to need things…


You see, the people who really got rich in Cripple Creek mostly did it without spending a single day in the mines themselves.

Horace Bennett made a million dollars from the lot sales around Cripple Creek — that’s more than $27.5 million in today’s dollars.

Spencer Penrose became a successful entrepreneur in Cripple Creek by working in the real estate offices…

Charles Tutt was a general supplies merchant and gold appraiser…

THESE men were the TRUE winners of the Cripple Creek gold rush...

The ones supplying the miners with their land, their equipment, their food, booze, and beds…

NOT the ones risking everything they had speculating on hitting an unlikely golden jackpot.

And it turns out, making money by supplying and supporting the miners isn’t all that unique to Cripple Creek.

Levi Strauss — inventor of blue jeans — became a multi-millionaire running his family’s dry goods business in San Francisco during the height of the California gold rush.

Two guys named Wells and Fargo — you may have heard of them — opened the first banks in San Francisco…

John Studebaker made wheelbarrows for miners long before he turned to automobiles…

And 19-year-old Phillip Armour arrived in California looking to strike gold, only to start a business employing out-of-work miners to build and operate the wooden gates in rivers to make mining and panning easier.

By the time he was 24, Armour had made the equivalent of a quarter-million dollars without mining a single gold nugget himself.

Like I said, the gold rush in Cripple Creek — and in California before it — reminds me a lot of the boom happening in cryptocurrencies today.


And by following the exact same path and digging where the red “X” tells you to, you could be looking at gains of 30,970% or more.

Because this is the secret buried under the “X”…

It’s Not Gold or Bitcoin That Matters

Let me make this crystal clear…

The currency revolution we’re witnessing is NOT about Bitcoin, despite the astronomical gains.

The real revolution is what lies beneath Bitcoin… the blockchain.

Now I’m not a computer geek, so I’m going to explain this as simply as I can.

With real money transactions, there are banks and government agencies setup to verify the money is good and help complete the transaction.

The entire goal of cryptocurrencies is to decentralize this control of money…

To completely strip these institutions of the power they have over us!

That’s where blockchain technology comes in.

I already told you that cryptocurrencies are a form of digital coin.


Well, think of the blockchain as a public record of historical transactions of those digital coins.

And cryptocurrency mining is the process of creating, verifying, and adding transactions to that digital record of transactions.

But blockchain is the key.

Just as email is an application built on top of the internet, Bitcoin is simply a digital coin built on top of the blockchain.

And for all the gains Bitcoin investors have seen and could see from here, I think that’s more because it was the FIRST than it being the best.

Just like the town of Cripple Creek and the infrastructure supporting the miners turned the town founders and other businessmen into millionaires…

The people who really get rich from the cryptocurrency revolution are going to be the ones who figure out the best way to invest in supporting the infrastructure.

And I’ll tell you one thing I’m pretty confident about…

Bitcoin WON’T Win the Race

Bitcoin recently surged past $19,000 for the first time ever...

Had you put just $5 into Bitcoin back in 2010, you could be sitting on over $22 million today. (at the time this article was written)

It’s simply mind-boggling to think about.

But like I just told you, I think much of this run has been fueled by the fact that Bitcoin was the first digital coin to gain traction.

And as the crypto craze continued, Bitcoin has become a synonym for blockchain.
But that’s just not true and I want to make sure you have all the information you need before you jump into this market.

That’s why I recently asked my partner and co-founder, Rodney Johnson, to put together a report about Bitcoin, the blockchain, and where the opportunity really lies today…

It’s called The Ultimate “Pick and Shovel” – The #1 Cryptocurrency Play For the Next Decade.

Inside you’ll learn the name and ticker of the crypto investment that could absolutely skyrocket an amazing 30,970%...

And I’ll give you a hint… it’s NOT Bitcoin.

But it has the potential to deliver you a much LESS risky… and much MORE sustainable wealth explosion that could last for decades… instead of only months.

Now if you’ve been struggling to get a handle on this new technology and what it means, Rodney’s written this report in a way that you don’t have to be a computer genius to understand it…

And he’s broken down blockchain technology and coin mining so that ANYONE can understand it.

Inside you’ll discover:

Including, the ONLY cryptocurrency we recommend buying today… one with the potential to soar an incredible 30,970%, according to our research.

Blockchain is a seismic shift in how we might decentralize information in the future and Rodney lays it all out for you in detail, including why there’s only ONE real option…

It’s the ultimate “picks and shovels” choice and the easiest way to invest in the blockchain today.

And I want to be clear, we’re not throwing away your chance at huge gains with this pick.

All that said, the cryptocurrency market is a volatile place – it’s not something to bet the farm on. But for those who can stomach the volatility…

Its profit potential is enormous…

By my team’s research, this one crypto that Rodney reveals to you could soar 30,970% in value!

I’ve seen credible calls from analysts in the cryptocurrency market that $100,000 is a realistic target for this trade recommendation once blockchain technology really takes off.

Just like the founders and businessmen in Cripple Creek were the ones who got consistently rich, investing in the ultimate crypto “pick and shovel” is the logical choice today.

This report is an absolute must-read if you have any thought of buying Bitcoin or any other digital currency.

Quite frankly, I haven’t seen an in-depth analysis on cryptos like this from anyone else in the financial media and I suspect you haven’t either…

All I’ve seen is one claim after another insisting you should just jump into practically every digital coin created.

But with two out of every three cryptocurrencies FAILING, that strategy is more like digging around the outskirts of Cripple Creek instead of right under the “X”.

That’s why I want to send you a FREE copy of Rodney’s report — The Ultimate “Pick and Shovel” The #1 Cryptocurrency Play For the Next Decade.

But Rodney didn’t just stop with where Bitcoin has been and which cryptocurrency could end up winning the race a decade from now…

Because there are some other winners as well, including THREE additional crypto-related picks we think could be very safe double-digit winners to help balance out the risk of putting a cryptocurrency in your portfolio…

Don’t Invest in Bitcoin… Invest in Wheelbarrows

John Studebaker got rich selling wheelbarrows…

Levi Strauss made a fortune selling dry goods and blue jeans…

And Bennett and Myers became millionaires in Cripple Creek simply by plotting the town and selling lots.

And they did it while the vast majority of gold miners went broke or barely broke even hoping to strike it rich.

Today, the same strategy exists in the cryptocurrency market…

And I think it’s the safest way to play this crazy boom and balance risk.

You see, creating these currencies in mass quantities requires a ton of computing power.

While the old prospectors of the gold rush era spent their money on picks, shovels, wheelbarrows, and even explosives…

Cryptocurrency miners need to invest in computer hardware, server systems, cloud storage, and lots and lots of power.

And that means some companies will continue to do well by supporting the industry… just like all those businesses along Bennett and Myers in Cripple Creek.

That’s why I’d also like to send you another FREE special report, written by portfolio manager Charles Sizemore — How to Ride the Blockchain Boom Without Buying a Single Bitcoin.

In this report, we’ll tell you about the companies you can buy today that are best positioned to take advantage of both the currencies and the broader push into blockchain processing.

And between the two, they control the market for cryptocurrency mining with the top five hardware components, according to technology website Techradar.com.

That means the vast majority of crypto-prospectors or blockchain developers in the future will likely rely on this computer hardware in the years ahead.

That’s why we think there’s plenty of room for the stock to surge higher in 2018 as the cryptocurrency boom rages on.

Founded in 1980 in the same part of California where the 49ers picked and panned for gold 130 years earlier, this company has been growing rapidly along with the rest of Silicon Valley.

In its latest quarter, the company’s sales shot up over 51% and earnings per share soared 115%!

And the stock price has reflected the surge in earnings…

Yes, we realize the stock isn’t cheap.

But those are the earnings and the chart of a HUGE growth opportunity and the stock is still priced only a little higher than the market average.

That’s why we think there’s plenty of room for the stock to surge higher in 2018 as the cryptocurrency boom rages on.

Charles will tell you more about all these companies — including the ticker symbols so you know how to add them to any portfolio — in How to Ride the Blockchain Boom Without Buying a Single Bitcoin.

I’ll also tell you how to get this report absolutely FREE in just a moment, but first let me make sure you know where I stand on the cryptocurrencies themselves.

Who Wins and Who Loses from the Blockchain Revolution

As I told you earlier, the process of “mining” involves creating or editing a digital record, the blockchain.

And while Rodney and I only see a long-term future for ONE of the cryptocurrencies, we also agree on another thing…

Blockchain technology is going to have a huge impact on multiple industries.

That’s because blockchain is really about the decentralization of everything.

The blockchain is a seismic shift in how information can be assembled, stored, and transmitted in the future.

Blockchain technology will allow us to get rid of centralized databases that store information…

And by default, that decentralization of data will make it much harder for criminals to hack databases to steal your private information and commit fraud.

Just imagine — no more needing to lock your credit report or cancel a credit card because Russian hackers got into yet another account!

The blockchain is where the real money will be made in the years ahead.

The problem is, it’s still so early that there aren’t a lot of great “pure plays” when it comes to traditional stocks.

That’s why, for now at least, we’ve given you what we feel is the ultimate “picks and shovels” choice in the digital currency space.

But it’s also why we’ve put together another special report that dives into the industries that will be most affected by blockchain as the technology develops and takes hold.

It’s called How to Separate the Winners and Losers of the Blockchain Revolution.

In this report, we’ll go sector by sector and look at where we think this technology will have the greatest impact in the years ahead.

From banking to cybersecurity, retail to tech, you’ll discover which industries stand to gain and which ones could get crushed by the decentralization of everything.

Just like the other reports I told you about, I’ll send you How to Separate the Winners and Losers of the Blockchain Revolution absolutely FREE.

I’ll tell you how to get all three of these special reports in a moment, but first I want to let you in on one specific company that I think could actually benefit in a very BIG way from the blockchain.

And it’s a bit of a surprise…

Potential Double-Digit Gains Ahead for this Left-for-Dead Tech Company

When my research team first told me what stock I should consider as a potential blockchain leader, I laughed.

The company they mentioned has a rich history, but the truth is it’s been poorly managed and lacked vision for much of the past decade.

Most investors have left it for dead.

Over the past five years it’s actually fallen 16.4%...

But it turns out, blockchain may just be the spark that brings this old tech company back to life.

And that means you can grab it at a significant discount right now!

I told you just a few minutes ago that the blockchain is really about decentralizing transactions and information… and it’s going to change entire industries.

And that’s exactly what this company has in mind.

It wants to use blockchain technology to make data systems more efficient and reduce costs for customers.

The company won a major competitive bidding process during the summer of 2017 to help build an international finance platform using blockchain technology.

It’s also started leveraging the blockchain with more than 400 other clients covering areas like financial services, healthcare, business supply chains, the internet of things, and others.

To put it simply, the legacy of customers and systems maintained by this company is being granted a fresh start thanks to blockchain technology…

And we think it could lead to a rebirth for the company and a rapid acceleration for investors.

In fact, it’s happening already.

When this company reported earnings in October 2017, it again disappointed the analysts…

But it also revealed some news about early progress with blockchain transactions and how much more it expects this part of its business to grow.

Investors were shocked and happy, quickly driving up the stock by 10% in a matter of days…

That’s right, in three days this company shot higher and gave investors a quick double-digit gain…

And this might finally be the beginning of its multi-year resurrection.

Now I’ll be honest, when we started researching this stock we were just going to put it on our watch list. But given this recent development, we may actually be adding it to our model portfolio.

I’ll tell you all about it and let you know whether it’s a buy right now in Blockchain Revival: How This “Old Tech” is Quietly Leading the Blockchain Revolution.

That’s a total of four FREE reports I’d like to send you today:

And you can get all four of these reports absolutely FREE when you agree to an easy, RISK-FREE trial to my Boom & Bust research advisory.

Grab Your FREE Reports Now and Ride Along for the Next Wave of the Cryptocurrency Revolution

At this point in time, I’ve got no reason to believe the cryptocurrency boom is going to end anytime soon.

The problem is, I can’t tell you what’s going to happen to the price of Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Dashcoin, or any new coin offering that comes along…

And neither can anyone else.

Just look at Thanksgiving weekend of 2017 as an example.

Coinbase, the largest Bitcoin exchange in the U.S., reported over 100,000 new accounts opened around the holiday weekend…

And those new buyers went on a Black Friday shopping spree, helping Bitcoin surge over $11,000 for the first time ever.

Then, less than 48 hours later, it crashed an epic 18% in one day!

I know plenty of analysts insist the cryptocurrencies are secure, but I simply can’t buy into that when the majority of them are being mined on server farms in central China.

That’s why I strongly suggest you adopt the Cripple Creek approach instead and buy into the ONE cryptocurrency that has the best handle on the underlying infrastructure of it all.

Just like Bennett and Myers got rich laying out Cripple Creek and supplying everything a mining community could possibly need…

Your best chance of getting rich from the cryptocurrency boom is to stick with the digital coin buried under the big, red “X”.

And we’ll continue to follow the cryptocurrency boom every month in Boom & Bust, our signature research service that tracks everything from stocks to commodities and now cryptocurrencies.

If there’s a boom or bust in the making, we’ll be on top of it, just like we were when we accurately predicted each of these major economic events:

The fact is — Dent Research has accurately predicted most major economic events of the past 30 years…

Events that could have saved you a fortune or made you substantially richer by knowing — in advance — what’s coming down the pike.

To prove it, I want to send you all four reports I just told you about, absolutely FREE:

The Ultimate “Pick and Shovel” – The #1 Cryptocurrency Play For the Next Decade

The title of this report says it all. If you’re even just a little tempted to plunk down serious cash for Bitcoin, you MUST read this first. Dent Research co-founder Rodney Johnson walks you through the history of Bitcoin with simple examples of the potential benefits and pitfalls of digital currencies. He lays out the case for why blockchain is the real game changer. And he tells you about the ONLY cryptocurrency he’s willing to put his money in today… one that has the very REAL potential to return astronomical profits of 30,970%!

How to Ride the Blockchain Boom Without Buying a Single Bitcoin

Here you’ll discover opportunities you can buy today that are essential to the creation of cryptocurrencies. Just like gold miners needed their picks, shovels and wheelbarrows, crypto-miners need state of the art computer chips and processing power. These companies are your inside track to making money in cryptocurrencies without having to buy a single one!

How to Separate the Winners and Losers of the Blockchain Revolution

Whether Bitcoin survives or not, blockchain is the real technology that will make savvy investors rich in the years ahead. But it could also cripple your portfolio if you happen to own any of the sectors that could get left behind because of this transformational technology. If you own any stocks in the finance, cybersecurity, retail or tech industries, you’ll want to get your hands on this report NOW.

Blockchain Revival: How This “Old Tech” is Quietly Leading the Blockchain Revolution

There’s actually an early leader in the clubhouse when it comes to adopting blockchain… and the company leading the way will probably shock you. It has quietly been working on blockchain, both internally and for a customer base over 400 strong. This commitment to the blockchain could mean big things ahead for the company and a revival for investors who left it for dead… and the days of it being “cheap” may soon be over.

That’s FOUR special reports (each valued at $99 apiece) I’d like to send you absolutely FREE when you agree to accept a risk-free trial to my monthly research advisory Boom & Bust.


Look, I can’t say for sure what the price of Bitcoin will be next month…

But one thing I can say is that my team and I will continue to track cryptocurrencies and the blockchain revolution in Boom & Bust, to make sure you get critical information when you need it.

It all starts with your four free reports...

You’ll get them all at no cost when you accept…

A Trial Subscription to my Boom & Bust Research Advisory

As a member of Boom & Bust, you’ll receive:

In addition to these core Boom & Bust member benefits, you’ll also get the four FREE special reports I told you about today (and our full archive of previous special reports!):

At Dent Research, we have a team of economists, demographers, researchers, and investment analysts working diligently to prepare our followers for what lies ahead.

Many of our readers rely on our forecasts and guidance to help them make investment decisions and plan for retirement.

They’re people like Lance Copeland from Mill Valley, California, who writes:

And Ben Brown, from Dallas, Texas, who we warned about an impending crash:

Many more who follow our research firmly believe in our use of demographic trends to predict where the markets are going next...

Like Steve Graves from Naples, Florida, who says:

Tom Estes from Glastonbury, Connecticut, tells us:

And Dave Collins, from Reston, Virginia, writes:

I care deeply about how our readers feel about this service. That’s why it’s truly rewarding to see our research received so positively by so many of our loyal followers.

Our goal, first and foremost, is that our research be used to avert financial disaster and empower investors to profit from the many opportunities that arise during periods of profound economic change.

The lesson to take from Cripple Creek, Colorado — and really all of the ghost towns across America — is that booms and bust happen as a natural course of demographic and economic cycles.

The key is to make sure you actually recognize when those cycles are hitting their peaks and valleys… and invest accordingly.

That’s exactly what we’ll help you do each and every month in Boom & Bust.

How to Track Where Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Go From Here

By now I’m sure you’re wondering how much Boom & Bust costs.

After all, each month you’ll hear from me and my team in our monthly issues…

And you’ll hear from myself, Rodney, Adam, and Charles sometimes several times a week.

In other words, we’re always sitting on that barstool ready to tell you what’s really going on in the economy and the markets.

Having an entire team of economists and market professionals on call like that would cost most professional traders thousands of dollars a year.

But the regular rate for one year of Boom & Bust is only $98.

That’s just $98 for a full year of updates on the economy, the markets, demographic trends, cycles, and how all of it affects your money and your investments.

When we start seeing the first signs of a change in the crypto market — or any boom or bust cycle for that matter — you’ll be the first to know.

$98 a year — just $1.88 a week — is a great deal, especially when you consider my fee to speak at financial events is $20,000 (sometimes more) for an hour of my time.

But today I’d like to offer you a MUCH BETTER DEAL…

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