Bloodbath 2017

The Investment That Triggered The Great Depression Will Soon Trigger The Most Devastating Economic Collapse In American History. See Why A Famous Economist Has Issued This Dire Warning And How He's Protecting His Family And Finances…


"I have been following the work of Mr. Dent for many years and I credit him with getting me out of the stock market before the 2008 crash"

-from subscriber,Bernie B.

"I am pleased that somebody takes time to show the reality of the economy through the eyes of honest reporting not through the rosey eyes of politically oriented statistic"

-from subscriber, Sandra F.

"I have been following Harry since 1994. It is not difficult to understand population of people drive economies! I owe the stability of my investments to Harry and his demographic life cycle."

-from subscriber, Tracy E.

"Harry Dent has drawn on his unique approach to demographic forecasting for twenty years. Over the last three decades, he has accurately predicted the 1990's surging markets, Japan's twenty-year economic tailspin, and the U.S. market peak in 2007."

-from entrepreneur and author, Anthony Robbins

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